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How Much Does Cloud Call Center Software Cost?

Cloud computing has fast taken over as the preferred software solution for a variety of industries, thanks to a killer combination of reliability and affordability. Hosting call center software on the cloud offers those same great benefits and is incredibly easy to launch.

Startup costs are low compared to self-hosting, since your agents receive all communications via online means, significantly reducing hardware costs. Multiple layers of security lead to greater reliability, as do backup systems that come standard, uninterruptible power, and fail-safes that switch calls to another computer in the event one crashes. Cloud software is also easily scalable, allowing you to add agents and features as your needs change.

What Are the Average Costs of Cloud-Based Call Center Software?

Call centers typically pay a per-agent fee for cloud-based software, with prices varying according to the number of agents and system features. Typically, larger companies (i.e. those with more agents) pay a lower per-agent rate than that paid by companies with fewer agents. The average range is between $50 and $300 per agent.

A midsized company typically pays monthly fees ranging between $65 and $125 per agent. Systems at the lower end of that range likely include inbound and outbound calls, predictive dialing, skills-based routing, email communications, and product tracking. Higher priced features include call scripting, workflow automation, and territory management. Top systems in the $250 range offer customization the meets your company's unique requirements.

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Cloud Call Center Software Companies Pricing

Pricing varies by provider, package, location, number of users, and so much more. The following six company overviews should help you estimate pricing and compare packages and providers.

When reviewing proposals, ask the vendor whether licenses are for concurrent or named users. While concurrent licenses cost more, you only pay for the number being used at any given time. Savings here may be significant if you operate a call center with multiple shifts.

8x8 Virtual Contact Center

  • Fee structure: A monthly per agent fee that varies by features
  • Cost: Plans start at $115 per month per user and go up to $185 per month
  • Features: Call recording, CRM integration, desktop sharing, historical reporting, IVR, real-time monitoring and reporting, skills-based routing, Web callback, virtual queue, and more
  • Features that cost extra: All price plans are based on chosen features


  • Fee structure: Per-minute billing with tiered pricing plans for a set number of minutes
  • Cost: LITE includes 2,500 minutes/texts for $99 per month; STARTUP includes 5,500 minutes/texts for $199 per month; PRO includes 20,000 minutes/texts for $599 per month oPay as you go plans charge $0.05 per minute/text and between $1.75 and $3.00 monthly to rent local and toll-free numbers
  • Features: APIs, call dispositions and statistics, campaign and list management, contact upload, CRM integration support, customer history and notes, real-time reporting, single-line auto-dialer, unlimited call transfers, and more
  • Features that cost extra: None


  • Fee structure: A monthly per-agent fee, additional fees for non-U.S. calls
  • Cost: One-time set-up fee of $250; inbound/outbound calling, all listed features, for $175 per month per agent for one to nine agents, and $165 per month per agent with 10 or more agents
  • Features: 10-plus standard reports, automatic call distributor (ACD), campaign and list management, cloud APIs, CRM integration, CTI and screen pop, interactive voice response (IVR), mobile customer care, power dialer, predictive dialer, preview dialer, progression dialer, queue callback, real-time reporting and dashboards, skills-based routing, social customer care, text-to-speech, VoIP, and Web callback
  • Features that cost extra: Non-U.S calls


  • Fee structure: A monthly per agent fee that varies by features
  • Cost: $2,000 per month minimum, regardless of number of users
  • Features: Multi-channel ACD, network connectivity, predictive dialer, quality management, reporting and analytics, speech-enabled IVR, and twice-annual software upgrades
  • Features that cost extra: CRM and CTI integration, customer feedback, disaster recovery, and workforce management


  • Fee structure: Monthly per agent rate plus per-minute fees
  • Cost: BASIC is $15 per month per agent; PROFESSIONAL is $25 per month per agent; ENTERPRISE is $45 per month per agent; incoming calls cost $0.02 per minute (U.S. and Canada); outbound calls cost $0.03 per minute (U.S. and Canada)
  • Features: Call queues, CRM, dashboards, IVR, skills-based routing, software and email integrations, and more.
  • Features that cost extra: Plan pricing varies by features, reflected in the three tiers, pricing does not cover international calls


  • Fee structure: A monthly per agent fee that varies by features
  • Cost: Plans start at $35 per month per user and go up to $185 per month per user
  • Features: Include ACD, call monitoring, dashboards, queue management, and reporting and recording
  • Features that cost extra: All plan prices are based on chosen features; Telax offers no predictive dialer feature

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