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How Much Does a Toshiba Business Phone System Cost?

If your business has customers, you need a reliable means of communication, a way for your clients to reach you and for your team to reach out to customers. Ideally, your system includes a variety of features that work to help improve efficiency, such as voicemail, conferencing, mobility, and customization to maximize productivity. Toshiba is one of the most well-known names in the communications industry, and Toshiba business phone systems include incredible features, each designed to improve communication both internally and externally. Their voice over IP (VoIP) and IP systems offer video conferencing for enhanced collaboration, as well as networking, mobile, and other features. The cost of a Toshiba phone system varies according to the features you choose and the number of users your business has.

What Are the Features of a Toshiba Business Phone System?

Toshiba offers a variety of systems to meet a variety of business needs. The converged (sometimes called merged) IP voice communication system is probably the most common choice, as it offers the ability to connect digital phones as well as a wide variety of customizable features, including voicemail, audio and video conferencing, and much more.

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The pure IP, server-based system is a relatively new option but has grown quickly in popularity. This rapid growth is due in large part to the fact that these systems are highly intuitive and closely match the way most people already use phones in their personal lives. The phones' large LCD display provides instructions and buttons are programmable.

Toshiba also offers a cloud-based service call VIPedge, which offers all of the benefits of IP communication without the headaches and cost of a server. All Toshiba phone systems allow you to customize features with the company's FeatureFlex application.

If your goal is upgrading an existing system with newer technology, Toshiba also provides a la carte solutions, including cabinets, digital conferencing consoles, headsets, and handsets. You may also be able to integrate your existing hardware with IP, VoIP, session initiation protocol (SIP) trunking, or a cloud-based system.

One of the reasons Toshiba is such a popular option is that their systems are easily scalable, particularly the cloud-based option. As your business needs change, implementing expansions and upgrades is simple.

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How Much Does a Toshiba Business Phone System Cost?

Costs vary widely depending on the system you choose, whether your system is server- or cloud-based, extra features, and the number of users your company has. An exact quote is impossible without knowing your particular needs, but the following estimates should help with budgeting.

For smaller businesses or those expecting a growth spurt, a Strata CIX IP system works well. The CIX40 is one of the "starter" models and it averages between $3,000 and $3,500. This system supports:

  • Advanced voicemail
  • Between eight and 16 digital phones
  • Call center
  • Eight, 16, or 24 IP channels
  • Either four to 11 trunks or between eight and 40 telephones
  • Multi-port auto attendant
  • Net multi-system networking

The CIX100 is the mid-level model and expandable and upgradeable. It averages between $3,600 and $6,000 and includes:

  • Advanced voicemail applications
  • Browser-based administration
  • Fax integration
  • FeatureFlex customization
  • Text-to-speech
  • The choice of 64 trunks, 72 telephones, or up to 112 trunks and telephones
  • Unified messaging

The most advanced IP system is the CIX670, which is compatible with a full lineup of wireless and cordless telephones and ranges between $6,500 and $10,500.

Features include:
  • Call manager video conferencing
  • Fax integration
  • FeatureFlex customization
  • Strata Net multi-system networking
  • The choice of 264 trunks, 560 telephones, or up to 672 trunks and telephones
  • Unified communication

Toshiba IP Telephone Costs

Toshiba also offers a variety of phones that you can add on to your system. The prices provided here are what you pay buying singularly, outside of a Toshiba plan. You should be able to get better pricing if you work directly with your vendor, as part of your overall package.

Digital Toshiba phone models include:

  • The DP5130-SDL sells for around $350 to $400 new
  • The DP5132-SD starts at around $200 for used models and around $300 for new units
  • The DP5122-SD ranges from around $250 to $300

Toshiba's IP telephone models include:

  • The IP5131-SDL starts at around $250 for used models and around $350 for new units
  • The IP5132-SD sells for around $300 new
  • The IP5122-SD starts at around $250 used and $325 new

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