Last Updated: March 10, 2023

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Summary: ShoreTel / Mitel VoIP Phone System Prices

Mitel offers 3 VoIP service plans ranging from $20.99 per user per month to $38.49 per user per month. Renting an IP phone costs $5 per month for each a standard desk phone. Mitel's contract runs from 1 to 3 years. The on-premise phone system is a one time fee of around $900 per user. There is a one time fee for training and installation.

Mitel VoIP Phone System Prices

*ShoreTel is now part of Mitel. In Sept 2017, Mitel completed it's acquisition of Shoretel and all Shortel products have been rebranded, renamed or discontinued.

Video: Advantages/Disadvantages of Cloud Hosted PBX Systems

Watch this video by Mitel to get a better understanding of pros and cons of hosted pbx phone systems.

Your business's phone system is how you stay connected to your customers, your partners, and even with each other, so you need it to be reliable. Ideally, it also includes features that help improved efficiency and productivity, such as voicemail and conferencing, and provides customization options that allow you to design the perfect system to meet your unique needs. Mitel's cloud-based business phone systems are scalable, intuitive, and loaded with the features you need to keep your business humming.

With your Mitel VoIP system, you get a managed solution that meets your communication, conferencing, and collaboration needs. Managing settings and preferences is simple, and administrators can monitor call activity and have access to a variety of call data analytics. These reporting tools make it easy to track service levels and sales performance.

Mitel / ShoreTel Phone System Features

Mitel allows customers to choose between on-premise and cloud hosting systems. Each solution has its own proponents and advantages, so determining which is the best choice for you is highly dependent on your business's particular needs. Larger companies and call centers tend to prefer cloud-based systems, but both options work for businesses of all sizes.

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On-premise Hosting

With on-premise hosting, you maintain the system, including the server and voice-switch appliances (the hardware that handles calls and features). You need either PRI circuits or SIP trunks to connect to the system, and a data network that prioritizes voice traffic. Your own IT staff maintains the system and keeps it operational, including performing upgrades as needed. On-premise hosting also requires installation, which comes at an extra cost.

Cloud Hosting

With a cloud-based system, you get the same functionality and abundance of features that you have with on-premise hosting. However, instead of installation and hardware (server, etc.) equipment residing onsite, everything happens on the cloud. Mitel assumes responsibility for server upgrades and maintenance, while you maintain responsibility for the actual phones and a network that prioritizes voice traffic.

Mitel Features

ShoreTel / Mitel phone systems have an astonishing level of features – over 150 – with many designed specifically for call centers and large companies. However, even non-call center facilities can take advantage of these features.

Popular call center features include the ability to integrate with customer relationship management (CRM) solutions, such as NetSuite, Salesforce, and Zendesk. Other features include announced and unannounced transfer capability, call screening, caller ID, intercom and paging, call blocking, and call waiting. There are also numerous features designed to enhance collaboration between employees, including conference calling, instant messaging, and peer-to-peer video chatting. Employees can even share their desktop with a coworker. The ShoreTel mobile app lets employees forward business calls to their mobile devices, check their voicemail, and take advantage of many of the other features, all from a remote location.

How Much Does a ShoreTel / Mitel Business Phone System Cost?

The cost of a ShoreTel phone system varies widely depending on the number of features you choose, the number of extensions and lines, how many users you have, and so much more. In addition, prices vary according to the vendor you select. With so many variables effecting pricing, an accurate estimate is impossible. However, the following price ranges should assist in comparing providers and systems.

It's important to note that launching the on-premise system comes with a much higher initial price tag, thanks to a variety of one-time costs. The cloud system, however, has higher monthly usage costs.

The following estimates are based on a call center with between 100 and 150 users, and 20 to 30 call center licenses.

  • On-premise hosting: Includes one-time costs of around $700 per user and around $1,250 per call center license. If you choose to buy the phones, the cost per phone starts at around $300. Additional costs for dial tone service vary greatly and depend on the package you choose, i.e. minutes, features, and number of extensions.

  • Cloud hosting / VoIP Phone Service: There are no installation costs here. You may buy or rent the phones (you cannot rent with the self-hosted system), and the phones rent for around $5 per month, per phone. There are no additional costs for dial tone service, but you will pay between a fee per month, per user, depending on the plan you select. Mitel offers 3 VoIP phone service plans:

    1. The Essential plan: $20.99 per user per month
    2. The Premier plan: $26.59 per user per month
    3. The Elite plan: $38.49 per user per month
  • Setup costs are one-time and amount to around $50 per user, $1,500 for the call center services, and around $250 per hour for training. Each call center license costs between $25 and $50 per month on average.

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