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How Much Does a Doosan Forklift Cost?

Doosan is one of the United Kingdom's top forklift manufacturers. The company acquired Daewoo Heavy Industries in 2005 and now manufactures and sells material handling equipment around the world.

Forklift operators understand the importance of using the right forklift for the job. Too much machine just wastes your money, but too little fails to keep up with the workload and wears out prematurely. To determine your needs, verify the weight capacity you need, the applications requiring a forklift, and the work area. For example, do you need a machine with advanced maneuverability to work in tight spaces?

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What are the Types of Doosan Forklifts?

Doosan manufactures three different types of forklifts: rider, pallet, and order picker.

  • Rider forklifts feature seating for the operator with a typical lift height of 10 feet. The main use of rider forklifts is moving equipment and supplies rather than lifting and stacking items in high places. The average cost of a new Doosan rider lift ranges between $37,000 and $45,000.
  • Pallet jacks are hand-operated, meaning they do not have seating for the operator. They are typically used for moving pallets and other cargo over short distances, typically in a warehouse environment. The average cost of a new Doosan pallet jack is $3,000 to $6,000.
  • Order pickers are the go-to forklift for people who need to reach high spaces. The machine includes a compartment for the operator to ride in, and controls that move loads both vertically and horizontally. The average price on a new Doosan order picker ranges between $20,000 and $25,000.

How to Choose the Right Forklift

When buying a forklift, you need to find a machine that fulfills your needs, but you don't want to waste money on more capacity than necessary. However, forklifts vary dramatically in features, so determining which type best suits your needs can be a challenge. Answer the following questions to help guide your decision.

  • How much weight do you need to lift on a regular basis? The load capacity is probably the greatest determinant in price. Make sure you know your weight capability requirements.
  • How high do you need the machine to reach? Height capacity varies by machine, and typically lowers as load capacity rises. Respect both height and load capacity to protect the safety of your operators.
  • Do you want an electric or internal combustion engine? If using your forklift in an indoor space, such as a warehouse, internal combustion engines may prove dangerous, due to emissions produced when running the equipment. However, they typically have much greater lift capability than their electric counterparts. Consider both your environment and your weight capacity needs.
  • How will you use the forklift? Different types of machines have different applications, though most are designed to fulfill multiple needs. Common applications include warehousing and materials handling, construction, lumberyards, and recycling.
  • In what environment will you use the forklift? Indoor use may require a smaller lift with greater maneuverability, whereas an outdoor environment requires a machine capable of withstanding rough, uneven terrain. Another factor to consider is temperature, as some unit designs specifically cater to colder temperatures.
  • What is your budget? The cost of the forklift itself varies widely, from under $10,000 to over $100,000. In addition, operation costs vary from around $4 per hour (when averaged annually) to over $45 per hour. Consider the full cost of the unit, not just the sticker price.

Doosan Forklift Sample Prices

Costs vary widely, depending on the forklift's features and capabilities, as well as your particular location. However, following are sample prices for different Doosan forklift models.

  • The G25E-5 2015 model with a load capacity of 5,000 pounds sells for around $28,000.
  • The D70S-5 2014 model with a load capacity of 15,500 pounds sells for around $73,000.
  • The D160S-5 2014 model with a load capacity of 36,000 pounds sells for around $85,000.
  • The B30X-5 2013 model with a load capacity of 6,000 pounds sells for around $15,500.
  • The D30S-5 2012 model with a load capacity of 6,000 pounds sells for around $14,500.
  • The G25E-5 2011 model with a load capacity of 5,000 pounds sells for around $14,500.
  • The D30S-5 2010 model with a load capacity of 6,000 pounds sells for around $17,000.

You must also consider the operating cost of the machine. Electric engines come with a significantly lower cost, at a yearly average of around $4 per hour to both power the machine and maintain it. Internal combustion engines cost around $45 per hour to operate and maintain on an annual basis. Figure these costs by multiplying the number of work days in a typical year (approximately 250) by how many hours per day your team runs the forklift.

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Author: Ashley Smith


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