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Compare Costs of Hiring Window Cleaners vs DIY

Hiring a Window Cleaning Company Overview

Hiring a professional window cleaning takes the hard work out of a much-dreaded task. Simply call, schedule an appointment and watch as your windows are restored to like-new condition. Of course, that convenience comes at a cost.

Hiring a Window Cleaning Company Cost

There are several ways window cleaning companies charge for their services. There might be a per-window fee or an hourly fee. Some companies charge a lump sum based on the square footage of your home. Others charge based upon the type of window, with varying rates for sliders, double-hung windows, French panes, etc.

Generally, budget about $4 to $8 per pane, keeping in mind that most windows have multiple panes. That works out to about $8 to $16 for each standard window. The price for cleaning French panes (lots of small panes) is often $1 to $2 per pane. Screen cleaning, if it’s not included in the price, usually costs $2 to $3 per window.

Hiring a Window Cleaning Company Pros

  • Saves time - When you hire a professional window cleaning service, you can spend the time you would have spent scrubbing doing things you actually enjoy.
  • Professional quality - Reputable window cleaning services use professional-grade chemicals and equipment to make sure your windows are spotless.
  • Safer - When you hire a window cleaning service, you leave the dangerous task of perching on a ladder to the professionals.
Average Window Cleaning Prices

Hiring a Window Cleaning Company Cons

  • More expensive - It’s hard to beat free. Hiring a window cleaning service generally won’t break the bank, but it is certainly not as cost effective as tackling the project DIY.

DIY Window Cleaning Overview

Let’s face it, window washing is no fun. But it’s a task you can’t ignore. Dirt and grime build up over the years, making your windows look old and dingy. If you have the time and energy, window washing can easily be a do-it-yourself project.

DIY Window Cleaning Cost

DIY window cleaning is free, as long as you have all the proper tools and supplies. You’ll need just a few items that most people keep around the house: some kind of chemical cleaner, rags and a ladder to reach windows on upper floors.

DIY Window Cleaning Pros

  • Saves money - DIY window cleaning saves a significant amount of money. If you’re on a tight budget, it’s probably a better idea than hiring a professional service.
  • Cleaned to your standards - Tackle the project yourself and you can make sure the windows sparkle and shine. Most professional services do great work, but there are no guarantees.

DIY Window Cleaning Cons

  • Hard work - Make no mistake about it, window cleaning is hard work. You’ll spend hours scrubbing and positioning your body in awkward angles to reach in the nooks and crannies.
  • Time consuming - You can spend the better part of a day cleaning windows, particularly if you live in a large home. And there are probably plenty of things you’d much rather do with that time.
  • Can be dangerous - Cleaning windows on the second floor can be dangerous, especially if you’re not very experienced with using a ladder.

Author: Ashley Smith


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