Last Updated: January 19, 2023

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You've seen them all your life; box trucks cruising down the highway with some moving brand logo or other recognizable cargo. These versatile vehicles maneuver well and are one of the top choices for businesses and private operators. They make hauling considerably easier thanks to their rear loading ramp or lift-gate.

How Much Does a GMC Box Truck Cost?

If you are seeking a 16' box truck hi-cube, a 2008 GMC 3500 with dual rear wheels and a 2 inch hitch, it can be in your driveway for $9K. Perhaps you would prefer a 24' diesel, with lift-gates and 25, 500 GVW for $17K. How much you are willing to spend greatly depends on which model you choose. Do you prefer ramps or lift-gates? Would you require slat interiors and flat floors to secure your cargo? Would side doors make for easier unloading and loading? These are the choices that one can make with some careful consideration to ensure you choose the best truck to suit your needs.

Durable Versatility

It is easy to see why these trucks are employed by national moving companies across North America. Box trucks are spacious and fairly simple to operate. It makes for an excellent way to transport large loads in an economical way. People set up mobile stores, food trucks and a variety of payload options due to their extreme flexibility. There is a variety of box sizes available. If you are in the market for a GMC box truck, fill out the "request for quote" form to receive a variety of quotes from local dealers. You're truck is out there somewhere and we've made your job of finding it a whole lot easier!

U-Haul Loves 'Em!

This moving mogul boasts the largest selection of fleet maintained box trucks for sale. With more than 1300 locations, it's easy to see why this famous company chooses the GMC box truck to fulfill customer orders and drive from one end of the country to another. Easy to operate and simple to maintain, individuals rent them everyday who have no prior experience driving or parking them.

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Read the Maintenance History

Regardless of whether you are purchasing a new or used GMC box truck, maintenance eventually needs to be done. Have the vehicle undergo a comprehensive inspection prior to purchasing so that you can have an accurate picture of what this ownership may look like a few months or years down the road. Start putting a portion of income away for extra expenses such as tires, unexpected towing and routine maintenance. If you are purchasing a brand new model, follow the maintenance guidelines to ensure your safety and longevity.

Warranty info is only good if you understand it and use it properly. Always check the fine print on top of what you are verbally promised. A salesman working on commission really wants you to commit to the purchase and may fudge the details a bit in the heat of the sale. Read all associated documentation to protect yourself from any crazy and potentially expensive surprizes down the road. Discuss extended warranty options and see what is currently being offered by your box truck's manufacturer. Don't sign any sale documents until you have a clear picture of what the entire financial commitment looks like.

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