Last Updated: January 19, 2023

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If you are in the market for an All Terrain Vehicle or ATV...congratulations! Fun and excitement are definitely in your future. Whether you require this compact powerhouse to for work or play, there are numerous ways to incorporate it into your day to day.

Popular ATV Applications include:

  • Inspecting property and fence lines
  • Camping/fishing/exploring
  • Snow removal with a blade attachment
  • Winching your buddy out of the mud
  • Curbside weed removal with wand and spray tank apparatus
  • Plowing your field with plow attachment to drag behind
  • Mowing grass or clearing fields with mower attachment
  • Materials transport in an attached trailer (gravel, dirt, compost, etc).
  • Watering larger garden or lawn areas with hose reel on board
  • Logging operations (track models are often utilized in outdoor applications)
  • Spreading seed, rock or salt by using a specialty hopper attachment
  • Lifting or sweeping with forks or sweeper attachments
  • Raking attachment to clean debris (leaves, pine needles etc).

How Much Does an All Terrain ATV Vehicle Cost? Finding ATV Dealers

Now that you know you want one, where do you start? It is vital to assess your needs and wants list prior to shopping. It can be easy to over-spend or purchase a model that is in your price range but doesn't have enough juice to complete the tasks you desire. $17K will get you into a 2013 - 2014 Sport model, Arctic Cat Wildcat 1000. Capable of 951cc, this is a 4x4 model designed for speed. If a Utility model is more adequate for your applications, you can find a used 2013 Honda Big Red model with 675cc for approximately $12K.

Budget approximately $10K if you are looking for a 2014 Honda Pioneer 700 model that comes with 675cc and has a sport/utility rating. Purchasing a used ATV can significantly keep your costs down; however, check into warranty information with the dealer. Brand new models can range from $8K to $19K depending on the model.

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Considering Factors

Do you want a sport model, sport-utility rating or simply a utility model? Is this strictly for adults or is a youth going to be operating? How much speed and power do you require around the farm, jobsite or bush? Do you want a roll cage or prefer some speedy wing profile? Will renting something for a weekend suffice? If you plan on using your ATV regularly, it will definitely be more economical to purchase your own.

Remember 60 Months = 5 Years!

Walking around in an ATV dealership can be exciting and get your adrenaline pumping. If you are about to sign on the dotted line, perhaps go for lunch first! It sounds simple to take on a payment plan for a mere 60 months but remember that translates to 5 long years to have that additional monthly payment.

Used Vs. New ATV's

If this is your first ATV, consider the learning curve that comes with purchasing and maintaining any piece of equipment. If you are mainly buying one for bush and hunting applications, is a shiny new paint job going to last? Save yourself potential headaches by considering your individual needs prior to purchasing. Go for lots of test drives on a variety of models to see what satisfies your needs and your budget!

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