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How Much Does a Used Box Truck Cost?

People want a used box truck for a myriad of reasons. Perhaps you import fun clothing and accessories and like to have a mobile trunk sale each weekend. Many vendors at farmers markets and community swap meets transport their goods in these highly versatile trucks. If you prefer to get technical, you can transform one of these sweet rides into your very own ice cream truck. The possibilities are endless.

How Much Does a Used Box Truck Cost? Finding Used Box Truck Dealers

What size and capacity are you in the market for exactly? There are a variety of makes, models and sizes to pick from. For instance, a 24' Diesel 2000 International with a 3500 lb heavy-duty lift gate can be yours for $6900. A 16' 2008 box truck hi-cube cutaway can become part of your assets for $9500. Budget for $17K if a 24' duramax diesel, 2007 GMC 7500 is more your style.

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Shopping Considerations

Know what you need ahead of time and what extras' you don't require in order to stick to your budget. Bells and whistles are fine and dandy if you will utilize them; however, don't get sucked into paying extra for something you won't use.

  • turbo diesel engine
  • automatic transmission
  • rear loading ramps or lift gates
  • dual rear wheels
  • seating configuration

Moving Companies Truck of Choice

The box truck is a friendly vehicle that almost anyone can maneuver safely after a parking lot lesson. Get comfortable checking your mirrors and decide what kind of parking situations you are comfortable with prior to heading into traffic. Numerous moving companies employ fleets of various box truck sizes to enable people to save money by loading and hauling their personal goods. It can be ultra costly to hire a moving company to pack, load and transport your items on your behalf. Enlist the help of some great friends and have a crock pot of chili and buns along with some thirst quenching refreshments to help you say thanks once you commit to doing it yourself.

Maneuver, Storage, Delivery

Once you start looking for box trucks, you will notice them everywhere. They are often seen on the highway transporting baked goods, coffee trucks and as moving trucks. These vehicles are often used to transport cargo and make skookum delivery trucks. Many flower delivery companies rely on their spacious capacity. Their fantastic cube shape is the perfect blank canvas for any custom logos or paint jobs. Many people state that these trucks are similar to driving a car and they have no problem manoeuvring through the city thanks to their wheel base.

Regardless of your application, it is a wise idea to take a few different models for a test drive to see what handles best for you. Research some unbiased feedback online and speak with the dealer about what you are looking for in your new box truck. The more specific you can be with your wish list, the more likely you will be able to narrow down your search to meet your criteria. Look at maintenance records to see if the engine and entire truck has been cared for adequately. If you don't already have a great mechanic, ask for a recommendation to help preserve your new purchase and your sanity.

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