Last Updated: January 19, 2023

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Box trucks derive their name from their design; consisting of a cab frontal portion attached to a box compartment in the rear. These hardworking trucks are commonly seen driving down the highways and through cities.

Designed for transporting inventory, delivering products and moving supplies and equipment to different job sites; these versatile trucks fit right in and get down to business wherever they're employed. Moving companies such as U-Haul and their competitors rely on them as the mainstay of their fleet.

These trucks differ from semi-trucks because their cargo portion is attached permanently to the cab. Even with this design, the cargo is unable to be accessed from the cab. The majority of box trucks are within the medium-duty truck classification; however, various sizes are available. Truck size generally refers to the cargo area length.

How Much Does a New Box Truck Cost? Finding New Box Truck Dealers

Trucks are available in a variety of classes including:

  • Light duty Class 2 and Class 3 box trucks are approximately $25K - $45K
  • Medium duty Class 4 box trucks range from $35K - $50K
  • Medium duty Class 5 box trucks are anywhere from $45K - $75K
  • Medium duty Class 6 box trucks are approximately $50K - $100K

Benefits of Buying a New Box Truck

  • Customize Your Ride - Purchasing a new truck off the lot gives you tremendous freedom. You can seek out your preferred options, exterior color and interior package. Accessorize your tires, mats and steering wheel grip to ensure you have the safest and comfiest journey every time you hit the road.
  • Brand New Warranty - Peace of mind finally can be yours. The greatest warranty you can ever receive is not one you pay for but the one that arrives with a new car straight from the manufacturer. Receive the best coverage available; without having to pay more.

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  • Clean History and Starting Fresh - Purchasing a new box truck means that all of the potential issues from previous owners won't even apply. There won't be any strange smells embedded in your upholstery; no history of accidents or bent frames; no ugly or rusty wear and tear to contend with. Purchasing a brand new box truck helps you maintain the confidence knowing your are enjoying brand new everything. Just think, you won't have to spend hours trying to detail out someone else's mud, sweat and grit...yuk! That alone is priceless.
  • Current Tech Options - The term "brand new" also translates to mean the latest technology. Navigation interfaces have come a long way and multimedia options abound. If your box truck is your personal office space, it is understandable if you consider these aspects at the top of your list. Speak with the dealer to determine the safest hands free communication options. If you don't already have a subscription to satellite radio, it's time to start. Program your favorite songs and enjoy hours of commercial free entertainment while you work.
  • Better Financing Rates - It is often easier to secure lower financing rates on brand new models due to their lack of depreciation and the fact they are worth the most they ever will be.
  • Scheduled Maintenance - If organizing and adhering to a maintenance schedule is a headache for you, be happy knowing that your brand new box truck can often enjoy certified regular maintenance through the dealership. Pre-book your inspections, oil changes, winter/summer tire rotations and everything in between.

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