Last Updated: January 19, 2023

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Bobcat utility vehicles or UTV's look similar to a golf cart on steroids or an industrial quad with a cage. These mighty machines are super handy around the farm, jobsite and anywhere in between. Travel up to 40mph and transport a variety of tools, landscaping materials or components wherever they need to go. Get the kids to hop in and have fun working together!

How Much Does a Bobcat Utility Vehicle Cost? Finding Bobcat 4x4 Utility Vehicle For Sale

You might have to remind yourself that this is not a toy as you zip around completing your tasks. Ensure that everyone in the vicinity knows the safety rules and regulations prior to operating or riding along. $8400 can get you into a 2013 BOBCAT 3400 4x4 model equipped with a powered box.

If you prefer a diesel model with a snowblade and a warm winch, $22K can secure you a 2013 BOBCAT 3600. Budget at least $18K - $24K for a brand new model. If you would like to get quotes from multiple local dealers, simply fill out our free request form below.

Utilize You UTV

People who have a BOBCAT Utility Vehicle love to find new uses for it! Some of the most common applications include:

  • Hauling dirt, rocks, compost, topsoil, gravel
  • Transporting goods across property
  • Feeding livestock
  • Brush and weed removal
  • Hunting and fishing
  • Transporting firewood
  • Construction tasks
  • Fun and adventure

Haul up to 1900lbs and have a blast while you are working at the same time! Ride around your property and exercise the dogs while you work! The possibilities are endless. Be sure to pack a picnic once in a while and enjoy this quad cousin for some recreational use as well.

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Bobcat Utility Vehicle Features

Uptime equals more accomplishment and less downtime. Many models are equipped with excellent component protection to keep everything safe from mud, dirt and debris. The following are things to consider while you are shopping:

  • Quality Suspension System
  • Payload
  • Four Wheel Drive
  • Transmission Options
  • Speed Kit
  • Drive Modes
  • Undercarriage Machine Protection
  • Dynamic Braking Ability
  • Phenomenal Towing Capacity
  • Dash Display
  • Modular Cab System
  • Stereo & Speakers
  • Heating and Air-Conditioning

Customizing Your Ride

Chances are, you will be more likely to enjoy your UTV if it can accomplish everything you need it to do. Outfit your BOBCAT Utility Vehicle with any of the following to ensure longevity and enjoyment for years to come.

  • Windshield Wiper and Washer
  • Rear Brush Guard
  • Powered Lift
  • Backup Alarm
  • Winch
  • Signal Kit
  • Front Grille
  • Nerf Boards
  • Strobe Light
  • Front Receiver Hitch
  • Side and Rear-view Mirrors
  • Front Headlights/Rear Work Lights

There are numerous options available that can be tweaked and installed exactly how you prefer. With a variety of seating choices, comfort is also a huge necessity. Visit your local dealer and take a few models for a test drive to determine your favorite aspects prior to purchasing. In order to truly love your choice, it's vital to discover all the possible options. This works both ways; for example, if you will never use a snowblade, see if the dealer is willing to make a trade for a different component or possibly take money off the asking price. Discuss your needs with the dealer to ensure you are getting the best piece of equipment to suit your needs.


Review all of the maintenance records to make certain that your new machine has been tenderly cared for. If you are too busy to complete your maintenance schedule, see if the dealer offers any packages. They may even have a mobile technician who can come to you. Avoiding maintenance is dangerous and could potentially injure someone or cause extensive damage.

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