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Should I Install Solar Panels for My Business? The Advantages of Commercial Solar

Heating and electricity bills are astronomical when it comes to any commercial building if you engage the traditional energy companies. This is particularly true if you have large overhead doors constantly opening and closing as in an aircraft hangar or within an automotive setting. Regardless of your commercial business; the air conditioner and furnace are constantly running along with overhead lights, water pumps, alarm systems and flushing toilets.

Take Advantage of Your Roof and Go Solar!

It can be hard for some businesses starting out and even those well-established ones operating out of an inefficient building to stay within the black every month when thousands of dollars are required to run the place. More commercial businesses are utilizing their roofs to install solar energy and capture the rays of the sun to offset or completely absorb their energy use. There are a variety of ground-mount options available for businesses who do not have suitable roof space due to location, pitch etc.

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Should I Install Solar Panels for My Business? The Advantages of Commercial Solar Power

Imagine how much more profit you could realize if you were able to significantly save on electricity and reduce operation costs with solar power. It is possible to secure your energy requirements for years by engaging with a reputable solar installation company. Reducing you businesses’ carbon footprint is responsible and can help other companies follow suit. Depending on where you live, you may be eligible for huge tax incentives to offset the costs of installation and equipment. Many local and federal governments are offering extended rebates to help individuals get on board with solar initiatives. Check into your local municipality to see if there are any rebates currently in your area.

Clean Energy

Feel excellent knowing you are among the most innovative businesses by harnessing solar energy for your company. Free up your resources and help the planet at the same time. Setting an example of responsible resource use in your industry is ideal for business in today’s economy and Mother Earths’ plight for fewer emissions. Solar power can help you realize your financial and economic goals much faster than continually paying the current power conglomerates we have been brainwashed into supporting.

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Reputable solar companies are happy to educate their clients and potential customers. They will be able to show you how many people in your state are currently on board with harnessing solar and how it can financially break down to your benefit. Prepare your business to save thousands of dollars a year and drastically reduce your carbon footprint simultaneously.

A system that would require approximately 325 solar panels to produce 77.76 kW of electricity could save approximately $6500 per year in energy savings. Over a period of 25 years, hundreds of thousands of dollars would be saved. On average, many businesses are able to realize their payback period within 4 to 5 years. Just think of how much you are ready to shell out for simple advertising in that same time period and you can see how beneficial switching to solar will be on a variety of levels. Get some quotes and do the math to see if solar power is the best option for your residential and commercial needs.

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