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The Advantages of Installing Residential Solar Panels on Your Roof

Everything You Need to Know About Buying a New Solar Panel

Let’s face it, whether you believe in Global Warming or not, our home is in trouble. Individuals are looking for green energy alternatives to help secure their residential energy requirements. Approximately 700,000 households in the USA incorporate solar panels as of 2015. This is a testament to how many people are concerned with the monopoly held by many large energy companies and committed to reducing their personal carbon footprint.

Solar Is Affordable

Where once there were “solar enthusiasts,” now numerous proponents of solar are being sought after because the technology has become affordable. Individuals are tired of constant rate increases with their power companies and looking for positive alternatives.

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Solar panel installation companies have gained more experience as the demand for this technology has increased. Installation staff have streamlined their efficiency. Installations that previously took many days can now be up and running within hours. This is one of the main reasons why this technology has become increasingly affordable for everyday homeowners.

Solar Offers Safer Technology

Many are unsure of the controversy surrounding Smart Meters and similar devices to deliver power residentially and commercially. The radiation these devices emit has been published in a variety of scientific studies. Numerous individuals simply don’t want to take the chance on having "continuous low-dose" radiation that has been deemed carcinogenic by the World Health Organization emitting into their homes and bodies on a bio-cellular level. Solar technology bypasses these grave concerns.

The Advantages of Installing Residential Rooftop Solar Cells

By taking charge of your personal energy consumption and utilizing a greener option, people can help our planet and our ozone layer recover. Lowering individual bills is one of the main reasons people opt for installing residential panels. Many choose to completely go off the grid; while others opt for a Grid-Tie system. This way, they can sell back excess energy to the power company and still be tied into the grid power in case of being unable to generate enough solar energy during winter months etc.

Installers can rack the Photovoltaic or PV cells on a roof to capture as much sunlight as possible. If the panels cannot be orientated in such a way on the roof they may be installed through a system mounted from the ground instead. Installers have become more efficient and creative as the demand has increased and this has drastically helped lower the cost.

Do Your Homework

It is vital to research the solar panel installation companies in your area to find out about their reputation and what kind of technology they are installing. You want to ensure you are receiving the best PV cells and the highest rate of return on your investment. Receiving multiple bids can help you determine which company best suits your needs. Treat your solar panel project the same as if you were inquiring about any residential improvement.

Don’t simply hire the first company who responds. Find out what everyone has to offer, how long they have been in business and what previous customers have to say. Doing your homework beforehand, can help you determine if you are working with a reputable company who ultimately has a satisfied clientele. Choose someone who is committed to standing by you through this energy consumption transition and is available to educate you throughout the process so that you can make an informed decision.

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