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Can I Replace my Roof During the Winter Months?

Winter is not the ideal time to install a roof but it can be done. Whether it can be done or not depends on a number of factors but installing a roof during an extremely cold winter can cause damage in the long run. Repairs on the other hand are necessary at anytime of the year.

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Factors effecting Installation

The obvious factor that can inhibit roof installation is the cold of winter. Some types of roofs are self adhesive and will not take hold if the temperature is under a certain degree. There are other solutions that are more expensive like using a torch to attach adhesives to the roof.

Shingle roofs run the highest risk of damage from installation during the winter. The cold can have a negative effect on the installation of the shingles. It will take them longer to set which runs the risk of dust getting in between the shingles and the house.

There is also a “hard roof” style of roof that can be negatively effected by the cold. They are attached by fasteners. Some of these fasteners need to be warmed up before they are attached or they could lead to damage. A careless workman could forget to do this and cause a lot of damage in the long run.


If it is cold, an alternative to replacing the roof is to repair it. It is important to repair any damage quickly. Especially if there is snow present on the roof, a small amount of damage can escalate into a large amount of damage. It is important to fix any damage before the snow melts because melting snow can leak into the roof and cause extensive damage to the interior of the house.


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