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How Long Does a Kitchen Remodel Take?

It’s probably not a good idea to ask your contractor to “cut corners” - you might actually get your wish. But smart consumers can rely on all sorts of strategies to save money on a kitchen remodel without sacrificing quality or design:

  • Avoid peak season. Contractors are usually busiest in the summer and fall months, which means they can charge more. In the winter, they’re more likely to offer lower rates because they’re in need of business.
  • Incorporate salvaged materials. Scour local salvage shops or auctions for unique or vintage materials that can be reused - maybe a butcher block slab or cool vintage cabinets. You’ll save money and give your kitchen a unique look. You can also ask contractors if they have extra materials left over from previous jobs.
  • Do your own demo. Demolition is perhaps the easiest part of a kitchen renovation - and it can be fun. You can save hundreds, potentially thousands, of dollars simply by tearing out and disposing of the old cabinets and appliances.
Kitchen Remodel
  • Help with the cleanup. Contractors typically charge by the hour, so any work you can save them means less money on the bill. At the end of each day, offer to clean up and dispose of scrap materials yourself. When the project is complete, tell the contractor you’ll handle the dust removal and final cleanup.
  • Consider lookalikes. Materials like laminate flooring and vinyl countertops often get a bad rap, but these materials have come a long way. Check them out before you discount them. You might be pleasantly surprised.
  • Pick up your own materials. Again, time is money. A contractor is going to charge you for the time he or she spends picking up materials, and there may be a surcharge on top of the material cost for the convenience.
  • Try not to move appliances. Anytime you’re relocating appliances such as the sink or stove, costly plumbing and electrical work is involved. If the layout of your old kitchen works for you, keep appliances in the same spots.

Author: Ashley Smith


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