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How Much Does it Cost to Have a Fallen Tree Removed?

When a storm, age, or decay causes a tree to fall, you need to have it removed quickly. A variety of factors help determine the cost, which is mainly predicated on how difficult the tree removal service expects removal to be.

If there are overhead utility lines near where the tree fell, be sure to call your utility company before having the tree removed. You don't want to inadvertently cause your entire neighborhood to lose power.

Factors that Determine the Cost of Removal

The tree's height and diameter help determine cost, as does whether the tree was healthy when it fell, as this makes it harder to break up and remove. The greatest cost factor is likely the tree's height, but the trunk's diameter also plays a role. In short, the more tree there is to cut up, the more you can expect to pay.

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If the tree was dead or rotting, removal should cost less, as it's easier to break up. If this is the case, make sure you tell each vendor you request a quote from, as it should lead to a lower estimate. Finally, the location of the tree factors into the cost. The further it is from your home or any other obstacles that make removing it more difficult, the lower the price should be.

You should also call your insurance company and check to see if they will cover the removal and any damage the downed tree caused to your property.

Average Cost for Fallen Tree Removal

Luckily, removing a fallen tree typically costs less than removing one that's still firmly planted in the ground. On average, you can expect to pay between $75 and $150, though hauling the tree away may cost more. If the branches need to be cut away, that may also cost more. The price for stump removal is generally around the same as the cost to remove the tree, between $75 and $150, based on the stump's diameter and the removal method. Costs also vary according to your region, as hourly rates vary widely by location.

Fallen Tree Removal Cost

Additional Fallen Tree Cost Considerations

When obtaining quotes, make sure you understand what the estimate includes. Stump removal and hauling are common extra charges.

Try Our Free Fallen Tree Removal Quote Request Tool

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  • Stump removal: Unless a tornado ripped your tree out by the roots, your fallen tree likely left behind a stump. Most removal services charge extra to grind and remove the stump. The two most common price plans are by the inch – around $2 to $3 per inch – or a minimum rate of around $100. If you have multiple stumps you want cleared, expect to pay an hourly rate of around $150 per hour, although some services charge a set fee for the first stump, typically around $150, with a much lower rate of around$50 for each additional stump.
  • Limb removal: If the tree was fairly large and needs to be chopped into manageable pieces for removal, there may be an extra fee of around $50.
  • Log splitting: If your goal is turning a fallen tree into firewood, you'll pay around $75 for someone to split the logs into firewood.
  • Travel: If you live in a remote area, you may have to pay extra for travel costs, which vary widely depending on your general location and how far the service must travel to reach you.

Instructional Video: Fallen Tree Removal

Below is an instructional video with steps you can take to remove a downed tree yourself.


Author: Ashley Smith


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