Last Updated: April 27, 2023

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A hot tub is a popular choice for many people, whether unwinding after a long day or easing tension and muscle aches after a workout.

However, one barrier for many is the 220V electrical hookup. That barrier falls away with the introduction of the 110V plug and play hot tub, which lowers the cost and makes installing one of these units much simpler.

1. No Electrical Install Fee

With the larger 220V tubs, the cost of an electrical hookup is substantial, ranging between $500 and $2,000 depending on location and other variables.

The 110V plug and play tub eliminates the need for electrical installation, since a common 3-prong, 110V electrical cord handles the spa's power needs and plugs into a standard outlet. This means there's no need for an additional electrical circuit, something many homes cannot support.

Traditionally, installing a 220V hot tub required an additional circuit board. This often required replacing your old circuit board and main breaker. Most municipalities also require a trench at least 18" deep to bury the electrical conduit for a 220V unit. Since you plug the 110V unit into a standard socket, there's no need to trench or bury cable. Just make sure not to trip over the cord!

2. Portability

A 220V tub may be called portable, but that's based solely on weight and the fact that they come with self-contained plumbing. Actually moving the tub requires an electrician and electrical inspector. This is true whether you want to move the tub to another area of your yard, say after a remodel, or are moving to an entirely new home.

With their lighter weight and lack of a hard-wiring requirement, a 110V plug and play hot tub is truly portable. This means you can easily pack it up if you move, and even use it if you rent your home. What's more, if you do move, you don't have to go through the expense and hassle of another round of electrical installation. If you decide to renovate your backyard and want to move the tub to a new location, it's as easy as when you first got the tub.

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3. Cost

With their lighter weight and smaller overall size, a 110V plug and play spa costs less than its 220V counterpart does.

At the low end of the scale, you can find inflatable models for less than $300. These are truly portable, as they go anywhere you want them to, from the backyard to the campsite (assuming you have electrical hookups at your campground).

Hard-body models, with steps and seating, start at around $1,000. As you add features, such as jets and style options, pricing extends to around $4,000.

Compare this to a 220V unit, which starts at around $2,200 on the low end, and extends up to around $7,000.

4. Simplicity

These tubs are super easy to maintain and use. Fill them with a garden hose, and then plug them into a standard electrical outlet. When it's time to clean it, drain the water, wipe down the tub, and then refill it. You get all of the benefits of a hot tub with zero maintenance hassles.

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