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I Lost My Car Keys. Can a Locksmith Make Me a New Set?

A locksmith can replace your car key if you lose it. You are going to have to remove your lock from your car and take it to a locksmith. Another alternative is to go to the dealer.

The process of getting your keys replaced is actually very simple. First and foremost, you need to be able to show proof that you own the car. Then sign an agreement with the locksmith and remove the lock from the car and take it in.

To remove the lock from the car you are going to have to take the door off your car. Once you have the door removed, take apart the door handle. Usually you need to unscrew the door panel to get to the lock. In most cars there is a clip that holds on your handle. Simply unclip it and the handle should be removable at this point. It is a good idea to take a picture of how it all fits together before you completely take it apart so you don't run into trouble putting it back together.

Once you have removed the handle, you need to take the lock to the locksmith so he can fit it for a key. He is going to ask you to prove that you own the car and ask you to sign an agreement that he can rekey the lock.


The cost of replacing a Toyota Prius car key is six hundred dollars if you go through the dealer. The price is so high because you need to electronics and the key itself replaced.

The cost of replacing a key through a locksmith is around $250. The cost can fluctuate depending on who you go through. One person reported they payed $245 for a replacement set. This included a lock out charge, a service fee and replacement key.

Author: Ashley Smith


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