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I Just Bought a New Home. Do I Need to Change the Locks?

When you buy a new house it is important to change your locks. Keeping the same locks means that you are running a huge security risk to both you and your family. There are a few ways of making sure a past tenant can't get into your house.

An important concept to remember is that it is extremely easy to make a copy of a key. This means that anyone who had access to your key could have made a copy. The number of people who had access to your key may be higher than you might think. Real estate agents, contractors and the previous residents all have had access to a copy of your key.

There have been a number of new home owners that have been robbed by someone who had access to their house. Not only do these people know how to get into your house, they also know the layout and places where you might hide or store your valuables.

1. Depending on the age of the house it might be more advantageous to just replace the locks altogether.

A brand new lock will last longer and if there are any problems you can return it. Plus a brand new lock looks brand new.

2. Call a locksmith.

A professional locksmith can easily change the locks and eliminate the risk altogether. If you only need to change your locks once, a locksmith is a good idea.

3. Buy Kwikset Smart Key Locks.

If you are a land lord and are going to be changing your tenants frequently a kwikset smart key lock is a good idea. They are designed so you can change them yourself with out the help of a locksmith. This purchase may save you hundreds of dollars in the long run.

Author: Ashley Smith


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