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How Much Does it Cost to Get Rid of Bees?

Bees are a crucial part of the ecosystem, pollenating flowers and crops, and producing honey. Still, bees can be a pain - literally and figuratively - when they decide to build a hive on your property. They can also be dangerous, particularly if any member of your family is allergic.

Seeing a bee or two flying around doesn’t mean you have a problem, but if you frequently notice bees clustering or swarming around a specific area of your home or business, there’s probably a hive nearby. Never attempt to kill the bees on your own. Bee control is dangerous work that requires the skill of a professional.

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About Bee Extermination

The only way to control a bee problem is to remove the hive entirely. Some pest control companies will kill the bees when they remove the hive. However, many beekeepers and bee experts offer live removals that are considered more humane. No matter which option you choose, make sure the company or individual is licensed by your state’s agricultural department and carries insurance.

Most companies are equipped to deal with not only honeybees, but also wasps, yellow jackets and hornets. However, removal methods vary from one type of stinging pest to the next.

Most companies offer both removal and preventative services. Reputable companies should offer a free inspection and estimate.

Cost of Bee Extermination

The price of bee hive removal depends on the method used, the type and size of the nest (or nests), where the nest is located on your property and your location.

Outdoor beehive removal usually starts about $75-$100 per hour. That assumes only one person is needed to do the job; assistants usually add an extra $20-$25 per hour. Some bee removal experts charge extra for travel time and expenses. Some have minimum charges - say $200 or two hours of work.

If the beehive is inside the structure of your home, the price increases substantially. Removing beehives from walls, ceilings, floors and other hard-to-reach areas is complicated and time consuming. Plan on spending about $1,000-$2,000, which includes the cost of any necessary structural repairs.

In some cases, beekeepers will offer free or reduced-fee honeybee removal because they can use the bees for their business.

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Author: Ashley Smith


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