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How Much Does an Access Control System Cost?

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Not just anyone should be able to walk through your doors. For the safety of your employees and the protection of property, both physical and intellectual, all businesses should have some type of access control system.

Access control systems are most often used to control who is allowed to enter exterior doors, and when. But many companies also use to the systems to limit access to certain spaces within a building, particularly high security areas such as test labs, server rooms and file storage areas.

About Access Control Systems

Access control systems have an electronic device at each restricted door or entry point that identifies whether a person is authorized to pass. These electronic readers are usually placed right outside of a doorway or between double doors. The three most common types of devices are:

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  • Keypads require employees to enter a code to gain access. These tend to be the least secure because it is easy for employees to share a code with someone else, but they are also the most affordable.
  • Card readers require employees to swipe an identification card to gain entry. Each ID card is linked to an individual person, so you’ll always know who has entered the building when. Modern versions often forgo ID cards for key fobs that are simply waved in front of the reader to gain access.
  • Biometric systems are the most secure because they use fingerprint, handprint or facial recognition to identify an employees. Unique identifiers like fingerprints are nearly impossible to fake. These systems can be pricey, though.

The other key component of these systems is the software, which is used to control who has access to which doors. The software also allows companies to monitor employee comings and goings, and hours worked.

Access Control

Cost of Access Control Systems

It is very difficult to estimate the cost of card access control systems. The price depends on the size of your company, the number of access points to be controlled, the type of devices you select and the type of software.

On average, budget about $1,500-$2,000 per door for the reader, software, installation and customer support. However, very basic keypad systems without sophisticated software can be found for as little as $500, while advanced biometric systems with iris scanners can cost as much as $10,000 per door.

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Author: Ashley Smith


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