Last Updated: June 13, 2023

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Summary: Card Access Control System Prices

Card access control systems come with both hardware and software costs. Purchasing a door reader can cost $300 to $1200 on average, while compatible electronic locks generally cost $200 to $980 per door. Subscription fees average $50 per door, per month for standard packages, but housing property managers can find rates as low as $2.50 per unit, per month. Access cards/credentials typically cost $5 to $10 per piece. An office needing 2-door coverage with access cards for 20 employees would pay about $2830 total in starting costs, then $600 per year on subscription fees.

Key Card Access Systems Cost

Equipping your business facility with a card access control system can be an effective solution for addressing security concerns and ensuring that only authorized personnel are able to enter designated areas. But before you install, it’s important to be aware of the various costs associated, as well as the specific features you may require. Here we provide a detailed overview of the prices and selection factors you’ll need to consider when shopping for a card access control system.

Typical Costs of Card Access Control Systems

  • Hardware Prices: Your system will normally require a reader to be installed at each entry point. These cost an average of $300 to $1200 per door. Not all systems will sell electronic locks as a part of their packages. Many require you to already own electronic lockst that can be connected through their software. Commercial electronic locks cost anywhere from $200 to $1000+ each.

  • Door License Prices: You will usually be required to pay a licensing fee for each door (or other type of entry point) that is controlled by your chosen system. Some may not charge a fee at all, but most tend to charge up to $50 per entry point, per month.

  • Keys/Credentials Prices: You will need to order the cards or other items that will act as keys to the system. These typically cost $5 to $10 per piece. Bulk discounts are often available.

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Popular Door Access Control Systems and Their Prices

Kisi Access Control Pricing

Kisi is’s pick for the best overall access control system on the market. It’s highly-automated, easily scalable, and offers flexible and customizable access options. In addition to card keys, authorized personnel may also use an app, key fob, or even one-time access links to unlock protected entries. It offers simple integration with third-party services, such as security alarm systems and scheduling software. Kisi is meant to work with existing electronic locks.

  • All Kisi orders honor a 30-day trial period.
  • Installation cost is included for all orders.
  • Kisi’s card reader units (KRPs) cost $599 each. Each unit is meant to cover a single point of entry.
  • The administrative control hubs, the Kisi Controller Pros (KCPs), cost $899 each and provide coverage for up to 4 doors, elevators, or turnstiles.
  • While Kisi’s software package pricing is determined via personal quotes, the average Kisi client pays a door license fee of $50 per door, per month, or $600 per door, per year.
  • Kisi keycards are available for $5 per card.
  • Coworking spaces/communities may qualify for special discounts.

ButterflyMX Access Control Pricing

ButterflyMX is a virtual intercom and access control system that is ideal for multi-family housing facilities as well as traditional business venues. Users gain access directly via their smartphones. Visitors are “rung in” via video calling. ButterflyMX offers enhanced security by photographing each user/visitor at the time of use, and storing these images for 30 days.

  • Properties that need access control for many units/points of entry may be eligible for discounts.
  • Pricing typically includes a 2 year warranty and shipping.
  • Indoor intercom hardware starts at $1975, and goes up to $8650.
  • Multi-tenant facilities are charged a subscription fee of $2.50 per unit, per month. Subscriptions for commercial offices are quote-dependent.
  • Software subscriptions for managing elevator controls are $15 per month. Package room software costs $100 to $200 per month.

Salto KS Access Control Pricing

Salto KS offers access control services via proprietary smart locks. It’s possible for you to manage multiple business locations through the system. Salto KS offers the option for creating a whitelabel app with your company’s own branding. The technology is also integratable with many existing apps for the management of coliving and coworking spaces.

  • Software subscriptions start around $43 per month for up to 64,000 doors and up to 4 million users.
  • Salto’s more advanced subscriptions cost about $150 to $265 per month for unlimited doors and up to 4 million users.
  • Standard smartlocks cost $687 to $819 each. Smartlocks with keypads can cost $792 to $981 each.
  • Readers cost anywhere from $300 to $585 each.

Video: Access Control Card Myths Revealed

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Why Does Your Company Need a Card Access Door Control System?

As security needs and techniques become more advanced, the demand for electronically controlled access to businesses is growing. Commercial and industrial facilities are striving to become more secure by controlling and monitoring exactly who is able to gain access to their grounds and buildings.

Today, this is typically done via access control systems that are “unlocked” by secure cards that have been issued to the right personnel. Acting as a key of sorts, these cards are encoded with electronic data that can be scanned and verified by access control systems that are mounted at entry points to or within your company’s facility.

This goes far in keeping both intellectual and material property safe, as well as employees and customers. People without the approved key cards are kept locked out of your facility, ensuring fewer security issues and greater peace of mind.

Additionally, zones that should only be accessed by qualified/authorized staff members are kept well secured. This can be especially useful if your company has needs for restricted access areas, which may house hazardous materials, confidential documents, or high-value inventory.

Card Access Control

What to Keep in Mind When Selecting a Card Access Control System

In order to select the right door access control system, you’ll need to assess how and if certain factors are relevant to your needs.

Number of Users and Cards

How many people will need to have access cards? This may not just include you and your in-house staff, but also outside contractors (such as janitors, maintenance workers, etc.). In some cases, it may also include temporary workers, colleagues from other locations, or even clients.

If you have a need for a large number of cards, or may need the flexibility of getting new cards routinely, then you’ll want to look for those features in the system you pick. And you’ll need to verify that the provider can meet your coverage needs in terms of scale. If you don’t want to deal with cards at all, then a system that allows for smartphone check-ins will be the most suitable.

Customization of Privileges

Also consider if you will need to customize your cards: setting access restrictions based on time of day, day of the week, or even for a limited number of days, weeks, or months. Will some employees need access to extra areas? Will access expansion be needed as employees are promoted? If so, make sure that your system provider allows for easy management and customization of card privileges.


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