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How Much Does Card Access Control Cost?

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Security is important for every business. Whether you’re a startup with five employees or a major corporation, not just anyone should be able to walk through the door.

Card access control systems protect your employees and property, both physical and intellectual. They’re most often used to control who enters exterior doors, and when. But they can also be use to limit access to certain areas within the building, particularly high security areas such as test labs.

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About Card Access Control Systems

Card access control systems have an electronic reader at each restricted door or entry point that identifies whether a person is authorized to pass. The readers are usually placed right outside of a doorway or between double doors.

Each employee is assigned one of two kinds of cards:

  • Swipe cards that must be passed through a magnetic reader; or
  • Proximity cards that simply need to be waved in front of the reader.

Lately, however, key fobs have grown in popularity as an alternative to swipe or proximity cards. The key fob, a small electronic device that fits on your key chain, is waved in front of the reader to gain access. Because the devices are attached to your keys, they are less likely to be lost.

Each card or key fob is linked to a specific employee. When the employee enters or exits the building, that information will be recorded in the system’s software. The card can be set to allow access only at certain times or certain doors. And if an employee leaves the company, his or her card of fob can be deactivated and reassigned.

Card Access Control

Cost of Card Access Control Systems

It is very difficult to estimate the cost of card access control systems. The price depends on the size of your company, the number of access points to be controlled, the type of devices you select and the type of software.

Generally, card readers are mid-priced as far as access control systems go. They’re more expensive than basic keypad systems but less expensive that advanced biometric systems that use fingerprint, handprint or iris scanning for identification.

On average, budget about $1,500-$2,000 per door for the reader, software, installation and customer support.

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Author: Ashley Smith


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