Last Updated: April 27, 2023

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In a retail environment, the stock in your warehouse is no different from the stock on your sales floor. Of course, warehouses used for storage in any industry hold an inventory representing tens of thousands of dollars, and sometimes millions. A warehouse security camera system helps protect that investment.

Even if you employ the world's must trustworthy team, you still face the possibility of break-ins, vandalism, and similar intrusions and unwanted damage. Video surveillance is simply another thread in your security blanket.

What are the Benefits of a Warehouse Security System?

There are three main benefits to a warehouse security system: theft reduction, enhanced security, and remote monitoring.

When you install visible video surveillance equipment, such as security cameras, you immediately deter theft. Catching a thief is satisfying, but never falling victim to theft in the first place is even better.

A video surveillance system also increases flexibility and allows a more active presence as regards security guards having the ability to actually patrol the premises more frequently, as opposed to simply watching a wall of monitors.

Remote monitoring is especially helpful if you have more than one location. A networked video recorder system allows you to broadcast footage online. In addition, you have the ability to check what's happening with a particular camera from any location, at any time.

What Factors Influence the Cost of a Warehouse Security Camera System?

Before you begin pricing warehouse security systems, answer two questions about your warehouse first.

  • 1. How many internal cameras do you need?
  • 2. How many external cameras do you need?

Answering these questions depends on a variety of factors. Internally, your guidelines include square footage and line-of-sight. In other words, how many obstructions block your view? More obstructions require more cameras.

External camera needs are similarly determined. You want a clear view of external assets, such as loading and pallet docks, doors, and trash bins.

The number of CCTV cameras you require is the greatest determinant of your total cost; it dictates what size digital video recorder (DVR) you need, as each camera gets its own DVR channel. The features you choose also play a role, and include facial recognition and multi-site management capabilities.

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You also need to decide between analog and digital cameras. Digital, also known as IP cameras, offer greater features and higher resolution, but at a higher price.

It comes down to the level of quality you need and want in your security video, and whether you want your operators to have the ability to do things like pan around the area, or zoom in on a particular spot. Another consideration is the camera's shape (bullet or dome), whether it resists vandalism, and whether it's weatherized.

The size of your warehouse helps determine cable and power needs, as well. Expect at least 2,000 feet of cable. For your power supply box, you need at least 1 amp per camera. Installation costs include running the cable and setting up the system, with the cabling representing the most significant portion of that cost.

What Does a Security Camera System Cost?

Costs vary widely, depending on features of the system as well as features for each camera. For example, a single camera starts at around $100 but goes up to $1,000 depending on factors such as resolution and whether it's wireless.

A CCTV system with four cameras, extra storage space, and motion sensors, sets you back around $2,000, before you pay for installation.

Installation costs vary according to size and whether you choose closed loop (CCTV) or a live IP feed. A CCTV system with up to four cameras installs for around $1,000. Expect to pay closer to $5,000 to install a 12-camera system with tilt and pan capabilities.

Compare quotes from numerous vendors for both hardware and installation to get the most bang for your buck.

A Little Extra Security Advice

Do not rely solely on your security camera system to protect your warehouse. In addition to installing an alarm system and video surveillance, other precautions help keep your inventory safe from criminals.

  • A well-lit warehouse is safer. Install motion sensors to stave off burglars and save on power bills.
  • Change out locks for sturdier varieties.
  • Check all entrance points to help limit unauthorized access.
  • Install doors that resist forced entry, preferably made from metal and surrounded by a hardened doorframe, as well.
  • Larger warehouses and distribution centers need to inspect all outbound trucks via security checkpoint.

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