Last Updated: April 27, 2023

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If your goal is improving security and ensuring only approved personnel, visitors, and clients enter your business, you need a quality door access control system. STANLEY is a respected security specialist with products designed to protect your business, property, and company data, as well as the people who work for your organization. Their access control packages include physical identification cards, keypads, and biometric options designed to prevent unauthorized access while also permitting employee access to secure areas.

What Does STANLEY Offer?

If you're new to the world of access control, STANLEY offers a starter package that includes the control panel, two door readers, and 10 key fobs. In addition, you get an administrator reader to activate fobs assigned to employees and other authorized personnel. This starter kit expands with your business and includes a downloadable administrator interface.

STANLEY also offers a variety of readers. Their weatherproof keypad model stands up well against sun, rain, snow, and anything else Mother Nature throws at it. STANLEY's key cards and fobs use card serial number (CSN) technology to provide mid-level security. However, unlike most modern readers, this weatherproof keypad does require a wired connection to the control panel. One plus, though, is that it integrates with readers from other manufacturers, allowing you to make the switch to STANLEY without abandoning the hardware and credentials from your previous access control provider.

If you prefer biometric controls, STANLEY offers the EyeLock reader, capable of scanning eyes at a distance, even when the person is in motion. This biometric technology costs substantially more than other access control options and is typically found only in medical and government facilities.

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You may also integrate other security features with your STANLEY access control system, including intrusion and fire alarms. If you prefer to manage your business and let STANLEY manage your security system, their team maintains your scheduled lock times (including holidays) and cardholder database. With their web client application, you can still access reports that allow you to monitor employee entry and exit times (assuming you opt for the anti-passback system). Please note that this system does not include unlimited memory, so you need to run periodic backups of your event history.

If you prefer to manage the system yourself, STANLEY offers both software- and web-based applications that allow you to maintain and monitor your database and door lock schedule. STANLEY's customer support is available 24/7.

How Much Does a STANLEY Access Control System Cost?

A single-door access control system utilizing either keypad or card-based technology averages between $1,500 and $2,500, including installation, with most smaller businesses coming in at the low end of that estimate. The price goes up as you add more doors, but the per-door price is lower. Most control systems allow one, two, four, eight, or 16 doors per access panel.

In addition to installation, these prices include all of the hardware and software your system requires, except for the keycards or fobs. You'll pay around $5 for blank cards, $8 for printable cards, and $9 for fobs.

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