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How Much Does a DoorKing Access Control System Cost?

Summary: DoorKing Access Control Software Prices

A single door system costs around $2,500 including installation, software and hardware. More rubust systems for parking lots or multiple entrances and exits will cost significantly more, upwards of $10,000 to $25,000.

DoorKing Access Control System Prices

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Since 1948, DoorKing has been a leader in commercial access systems, manufacturing products such as vehicular gate operators, access control systems, parking controls, and telephone entry systems.

Also known as DKS, DoorKing leads the industry in innovation and was the first to include electronic magnets and microprocessors in its parking control operator and vehicular gate designs. They also implemented protections, such as the fail-safe entrapment prevention system, long before safety regulations required it. DKS vehicular gate operators are considered the safest available today.

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DoorKing remains a top competitor due to amazing customer service and truly innovative product designs. The company prides itself on offering access control solutions that come complete with training and technical support.

What DoorKing Systems Offer

In recent years, communication systems have evolved by leaps and bounds, making wireless technology affordable for just about everybody these days. DKS has taken full advantage of these technological leaps, incorporating the best tech into systems that allow you to see exactly who's ringing that doorbell or making a delivery for truly state-of-the-art access control and security.

DoorKing offers a variety of packages with varying levels of features, allowing you to choose the perfect access control system to meet your business's needs.

  • The 1810 class of systems includes a built-in time clock, LED display, and memory storage capable of holding up to 1,000 telephone numbers. Additional features vary by model.
  • The 1812 class of systems includes customizable models, flash entry codes, call forwarding, and PC programming capabilities. Additional features vary by model.
  • The 1834 class systems are PC programmable and designed for high usage commercial buildings. Features include hard shell wall mounts and high memory storage. Additional features vary by model.
  • The 1835 class is designed for use in apartments and gated communities and is fully customizable. These PC programmable systems include an LED-lighted keypad, high memory storage, and two-line scrolling directory. Additional features vary by model.
  • The 1837 class is an access control system and telephone entry designed for medium to large apartment and gated communities, but also works well for office buildings and industrial sites. Its 8-line LCD display and 1/2" characters make for easy viewing. When the system is not in use, you can display your own personal message. Additional features vary by model.

How Much Does a DoorKing Access Control System Cost?

As with anything business-related, pricing varies widely based on the type of system you choose, any extra features or add-ons, and the number of users you have.

Price also depends on where you install your access control system and how many doors and entryways you need monitored. For example, for a gated parking lot, installation that includes the gate, keypad, and software averages around $25,000, though you may find basic systems as low as $10,000. However, truly robust systems that include badge access and top security tech, with controls at entrances and exits, may run you upwards of $100,000.

If you instead want access control for the building itself, you're looking at a fraction of that cost; only around $2,500 for a single-door system that includes installation, hardware, and software. The price goes up as you add doors, obviously, but the per-door price goes down.

Extra costs include badge cards and fobs, which average between $5 and $9 each, with printable cards coming in at the higher end of the range. Other features that add to the overall price include integrated locks, photo ID printers, and door prop alarms.

DoorKing Systems and Buyer Safety

When purchasing a DKS system from a third party vendor, buyers need to take extra care. DoorKing does not offer warranties on products purchased from unaffiliated vendors. In addition, buying from a vendor who does not provide installation makes the customer (you) responsible for installation and maintenance. If the system is not installed properly, it may void the warranty.

Proper installation of vehicular gate systems follows a variety of regulations, including:

Improper installation that does not meet these codes not only voids the warranty, it may also pose a serious hazard to visitors and employees. Proper installation includes two forms of entrapment protection, with external devices monitored by a gate operator.

These safety concerns are why DoorKing only markets to professionals licensed to sell, install, and service its vehicular gate operating and access control systems. There are over 2,000 authorized DoorKing vendors.


Author: Ashley Smith

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Author: Ashley Smith


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