Last Updated: April 27, 2023

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For years, businesses have relied on ADT access control systems to improve and enhance their security. The company's experience and expertise have helped to make ADT one of the most recognized names in building security. Their access control system helps ensure only authorized people enter your facility, improving safety for your employees as well as visitors and customers. Whatever validation method you use – keypad, badge, or a combination of both – you enjoy improved security and an easy way to monitor people's movements throughout your facility.

ADT access control systems are intended specifically for small and medium sized businesses – particularly retail and restaurant establishments – and include a variety of features designed to make them easy to use yet still highly effective. Costs vary according to the size of your business and the features you choose.

ADT Access Control System Features

ADT offers a variety of packages and features for businesses looking to bulk up their building's security and its access control systems are no exception. These mainly consist of door readers requiring a badge or other physical credentials, keypad readers to enter a PIN code, and an optional intercom and camera system that allows an attendant to "buzz in" visitors and employees.

Pulse for Business packages ADT's security and access control products. In addition to 24/7 monitoring and emergency service alerts after a security breach, customers get mobile access that allows them to view a live video feed of the premises. You can also unlock and lock doors remotely, turn lights on and off, and operate temperature controls (even in the freezer). Pulse also includes four door readers, with the option to install more if your business requires it.

In addition to creating a live feed, the video system included with ADT Pulse also records certain events, such as when people enter or exit the building. The system also triggers an alarm when anyone sets off the motion sensor lights.

The ADT commercial access control system includes three access control points, with sensors at doors and windows, a motion sensor with wireless controls, and, of course, door locks. Systems that include video surveillance come with two cameras (although you may add more cameras for an additional monthly fee) and a panic button. Pressing the panic button alerts ADT that help is needed.

ADT customer support includes live phone and chat, which are available 24/7, and on-site training. Customers also enjoy a wealth of online resources, including training videos.

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How Much Does an ADT Access Control System Cost?

Pricing depends on the package and features you choose, as well as the number of employees and users requiring building access. The basic system starts at around $30 per month but can go as high as $400 per month, depending on the equipment, features, and number of users. However, the average price for an ADT system that includes access control is around $600 per month for most restaurants, retailers, and small businesses (the intended audience for ADT's access control systems). This covers one point of entry and monthly monitoring fees.

You may also add wireless video surveillance as part of ADT's Business Access Control package. The system includes two cameras plus a panic button that alerts ADT in the event of an emergency. Pricing ranges between $900 and $1,000 per month, plus around $100 for monthly monitoring fees for each additional camera.

Additional Cost Considerations

ADT charges a first and last month fee, which varies depending on your regular monthly charge. You'll also pay around $120 for installation of a standard security system. Installation charges are higher for access control features, such as door readers. Access control system installation charges start at around $300 and go up to around $500, depending on services and equipment configurations. You may also pay a one-time communication connection fee of around $50 depending on your location. Some areas also require a local permit fee that is not included in ADT's pricing. The price for these permit fees vary widely by location and business type.

Access cards cost between $5 and $10 each, depending on the number and type of cards (i.e. the type and quantity of data included in each card).

The standard ADT contract lasts for 36 months, with rebates available to customers who sign a 36-month contract. Before signing, review the contract carefully to make sure it includes a cancellation policy that allows you to opt out without incurring a penalty.

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