Last Updated: February 09, 2023

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Spray Tech offers an incredibly diverse product line to fit just about any paint booth need, from tabletop models designed for detail work on small objects to booths large enough to house (and paint) a Boeing 747. Every model is fully compliant with EPA, NFPA, and OSHA standards, with ETL-approved electrical components. In addition to spray booths, the company manufactures bake ovens, paint mixing rooms, powder coating equipment, and prep stations. All Spray Tech paint booths are made in the United States.

Spray Tech Paint Booth Products

Spray Tech offers an incredible catalog of spray paint booths and other finishing solutions, including automotive, truck, industrial, open face, and tabletop units. Each model's design focuses on a particular application or airflow configuration.

Automotive Spray Booths

  • The front flow model is Spray Tech's high value cross-flow design, an industry favorite
  • The power semi-downdraft model circulates air around the vehicle and through a rear-based exhaust system
  • The premier downdraft model is designed for the collision repair industry, the recommended unit for painting cars thanks to its incredible finish quality
  • The reverse flow model is the Spray Tech version of the cross-draft
  • The side downdraft model is the top choice when budget or space constraints forbid the traditional pit or raised floor design
  • The thermaire full downdraft model is offers the ultimate in finishing quality making it ideal for automotive refinishing
  • The thermaire insulated model is the American equivalent of the high-class import booth, loaded with high-end features

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Truck Spray Booths

  • The front-flow model offers amazing quality at an incredible value
  • The full-down truck booth uses steel J-beam construction that is both lighter and stronger than traditional I-beam construction
  • The reverse-flow model is the industry standard, exhausting air through the front of the unit instead of the rear, forcing airborne particles entering through the door to immediately enter the exhaust rather than contaminate the workspace
  • The semi-down truck booth features a filtered ceiling intake system with a rear exhaust plenum
  • The side-down model is the most cost-efficient choice for paint and body shops, as it requires no pit or raised floor and offers incredible features, such as color correction, high output, and equal light distribution

Industrial Spray Booths

  • The airplane booth models accommodate craft from two-seaters to Boeing 747s
  • The carbon exhaust cube significantly reduces volatile organic compounds with a carbon filtration system mounted directly to the exhaust fan instead of traditional ductwork
  • The production tunnel offers custom painting and curing environments, ensuring the ideal booth for your application

Open Face Booths

  • Spray Tech offers open face booths sized from single-person to 50 feet wide, with ideal lighting design and galvanized panels

Tabletop Spray Booth

  • The tabletop model is a small open face booth that fits anywhere you have space and an outlet, with three-stage filtration and an airflow of 125 linear feet per minute

How Much Does a Spray Tech Paint Booth Cost?

Spray paint booths vary dramatically as to price, due to size, features, airflow design, and more. These factors have a much greater impact on pricing than whether the model was designed for automobiles or industrial equipment.

Spray Tech's tabletop model is its smallest type, typically coming in just under $1,000 depending on the size and features you choose.

Open face paint booths are the most budget-friendly models in a more traditional style, starting at around $2,500 and going up to around $8,000 as the size increases and you add features. Next is the cross-draft model, with an average price of around $4,500 and typically maxing out at around $13,000.

Spray Tech's downdraft and custom booths are the priciest, typically starting where the other models cap out, and going up, up, up from there. For example, the heating air makeup unit alone typically adds at least $15,000 to the unit price.

Sample pricing includes:

  • A side downdraft model starts at around $9,500
  • A 50' cross-flow booth for truck finishing starts at around $28,000
  • A 40' cross-flow booth for truck finishing starts at around $24,000
  • A semi-downdraft, heated model starts at around $20,000

When obtaining quotes, be sure to get an exact list of everything that quote includes, such as shipping and installation, to be sure you're comparing apples to apples.

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