Last Updated: February 09, 2023

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From its manufacturing and corporate headquarters in Vancouver, Washington, Rohner has built a reputation for creating quality industrial paint booths. The company designs its spray paint booths to be safe, fast, and versatile to best meet the needs of its clients. They offer numerous special features, such as lighting and temperature control, to create custom design paint booths.

The Rohner Company

Rohner places an emphasis on customer service and support, whether their customers deal directly with Rohner or with one of the manufacturer's authorized dealer-distributors. The company understands that codes and regulations vary according to location and promises that Rohner dealers have full understanding and knowledge of these guidelines, so that a Rohner paint booth is fully compliant.

Details are important to Rohner, as is the durability of their spray paint booths, powder coating booths, and finishing features such as ovens and makeup units. The manufacturer offers user-friendly controls, excellent lighting, sturdy door handles, and clean airflow. Their goal is creating a quality, reliable product worthy of the Rohner brand.

Rohner Products

Rohner offers four basic spray booth models.

Cross-Draft Spray Booths

  • The standard cross-draft spray booth creates a horizontal airflow across the work surface, drawing air through a filtered intake system and out through the exhaust system at the opposite end of the booth.
  • The industrial cross-draft spray booth includes drive-in and drive-out capabilities for larger projects and high volume production.
  • The modified cross-draft spray booth's intake system is on the ceiling, pulling airflow down and across the booth to exit through the rear exhaust.
    Customization options include drive-in/back-out applications.

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Side Downdraft Spray Booths

  • Sometimes called a semi-down, the side downdraft brings in non-pressurized air through a ceiling plenum, moving it vertically through the workspace and out through a sidewall exhaust. With drive-in and back-out capabilities, these booths are ideal for high capacity production and offer a higher quality finish than the cross-draft spray booth.

Full Downdraft Spray Booths

  • The full downdraft spray booth is the superior option for painters and finishers looking for optimum finishing quality. It comes in many size options to handle everything from industrial parts to large equipment and trucks to custom finishes. It pulls in air through a ceiling-based intake system and distributes the air uniformly throughout the workspace. The in-floor exhaust pulls all particles down and away from the finish surface for superior results. Design options include drive-in and back-out for large-scale production lines.

Open Face Spray Booths

  • The most economical Rohner model is the open face spray booth, ideal for smaller finishing products or when space is at a premium. Rohner booth designs allow retrofitting the open face booth with doors as well as filtered air supply if control needs change. These booths work well for woodworking and other detailed applications. The open face model does not include drive-in capabilities due to its smaller size (some are only around 3 feet deep).

How Much Does a Rohner Spray Paint Booth Cost?

The cost of spray paint booths varies widely, based on factors such as size and extra features. You find open face booths for as little as $2,000, but can spend easily 10 times that amount on a downdraft booth with air makeup unit.

The most economical choice is the open face booth, with an average price of around $2,700. Next is the cross-draft booth, with your average model clocking in at around $4,000. As you add features and increase the size, the cost goes up to around $9,000. If you're just starting out, an open face booth may be a good option, especially from Rohner, since theirs can be modified to include doors and an intake system as your needs increase and your business grows.

Downdraft and custom booths are the most expensive models. Expect to pay at least $10,000 for one of these units. Costs go up again according to features, but also

by the filtration, intake, and exhaust systems. The heated air makeup unit adds the biggest bump to your bottom line; expect to pay in the neighborhood of $15,000 for this feature. However, if you have a high volume, the boost to your production capability pays for that extra cost.

When obtaining quotes, be sure to look at the entire package. If it doesn't include transportation and installation charges, make sure to ask what that runs, since you definitely need to include it in your budget.

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