Last Updated: February 09, 2023

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Summary: Portable Spray Paint Booth Prices

Portable spray paint booths come in a wide variety of sizes and types, from simple tent-like structures intended for hobby-type projects that cost less than $100, to inflatable booths designed for finishing aircraft and large equipment costing $14,000 or more.

Portable Inflatable Spray Paint Booth Prices

Pros of a Portable Spray Paint Booth

Despite their portability, these paint booths offer the same great finish as traditional, permanent models do. The operator gets a contaminant-free, safe working environment for an excellent finish and reduced risk of fire and explosion. Please remember that anyone using a spray paint booth must still make sure they are compliant with the EPA's 6H rule.

  • Grow your business: If you're looking to add a revenue stream, a portable booth gives you the room to grow. You can even start a business from scratch without the requirement to lease a large space.
  • Low maintenance: If you follow teardown instructions, you automatically maintain your booth properly, improving its lifespan and keeping it running at peak performance.
  • Optimum lighting: If you set up outside, you get the best lighting source possible: natural light. This means you get the best color spectrum and easily see any flaws or imperfections.
  • Portability: This one is in the name, but with convenience being one of the top things many customers want today, the ability to take your finishing business to them is a big selling point.
  • Save space: When space is at a premium, portable or inflatable booths allow you to set up only when you need it, and then pack it away until the need arises again.
  • Sets up quickly: How much time you need for setup varies widely (again, these booths vary in size from tabletop to big enough for an airplane). In every case, though, setup is simple and intuitive.

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Cons of a Portable Spray Paint Booth

Of course, if there are pros then there must be cons, as well.

  • Increased susceptibility to damage: Obviously, repeatedly setting up, tearing down, and moving something increases the odds it sustains damage. The makeup of these booths are also more likely to sustain damage, as most of them have a vinyl or similar construction.
  • The cost of time: Even though many portable booths offer quick setup, the fact remains that you're eating into your production time with each setup and teardown.

Portable Spray Paint Booth Applications

With so many advances in the technology, you can use a portable paint booth for the same applications as a permanent booth.

  • Woodwork and crafting: If you do fine and detailed work, such as woodwork and crafting finishing, portable paint booths offer a great alternative, especially tabletop models that quickly set up and tear down.
  • Automobile paint and body work: If you're looking to open a body shop, or offer mobile detailing, a portable booth may be a good option. They offer the same intake and exhaust systems as traditional booths, with the same environmental protections.
  • Large equipment and truck finishing: For everything from construction equipment to semis to train cars, you can find a portable booth in just your size.
  • Aviation finishing: You can also find sizes for aircraft finishing, from helicopters to airplanes.

Again, pricing on these booths varies widely. The large booths designed for semis cost well over $14,000, depending on features. For auto finishing, you're looking at starting prices of around $5,000, increasing along with size and features.


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