Last Updated: February 09, 2023

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Marathon Finishing Systems manufactures a wide variety of finishing products, including spray paint booths, specifically designed for industrial and production clients who require a high quality finish.

With over 50 years in the industry, Marathon has built an amazing reputation and brand, with Marathon paint booths helping set industry standards and quality benchmarks. In addition to creating excellent painting and finishing booths, the brand is known for developing superb extra features and specialty booths, such as models designed for finishing small parts and portable units.

The Marathon brand runs on its reputation of providing affordable equipment with an impressive lifespan, manufacturing a wide variety of booths, and offering custom design, build, and install services. They also provide consultations to help clients determine the best booth to fit their needs and budget, and will even train staff on proper operation.

The Marathon Paint Booth Products

No matter your painting and finishing application, Marathon designs a paint booth to fulfill your needs.

  • Spray paint booths: Marathon offers five different airflow styles designed for automotive, truck, and heavy equipment applications, all available in a variety of sizes to fit any space, including outdoor-rated booths.
  • Powder coating spray booths: Marathon offers both small and large powder coating booths, 3-stage filtration, and hi-efficiency ovens. In addition to their equipment, the company also supplies items such as filters and powder spray guns.
  • Portable and self-contained spray booths: Marathon's portable booths let you take the finishing solution with you, with simple install and teardown to make transporting from site to site a breeze. Portable booths still comply with all safety codes (environmental, safety, and fire).
  • Industrial booth systems: Marathon's custom-designed booths for quality industrial finishing let you work directly with a designer to create a custom booth that meets all of your needs.

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How Much Does a Marathon Paint Booth Cost?

Pricing varies dramatically depending on size, application, airflow design, special features, and more. Airflow type has the greatest impact on pricing, with downdraft models costing the most and open face paint booths coming in at the lowest starting price (around $2,700). The average price for an open model comes in at around $3,500. These booths are best for smaller items and detail work.

The cross-draft style has an average cost of around $4,500, extending to around $13,000, depending on size and features.

A downdraft paint booth is the choice for a lot of body and repair shops, since it creates the cleanest, highest quality finish. Prices typically start where the other booths max out, around the $12,000 mark. An extra expense often required of the downdraft booth is the need to install a drain or "basement" beneath the booth. There are models without this requirement; they typically cost a bit more, but substantially less than alterations to existing flooring.

Extra features and customization often add significantly to the price. The heated air makeup unit is one of the more expensive options, often adding $15,000 or more to the booth's cost. Many consider this extra cost worth it simply for increased production times.

Sample pricing for Marathon paint booths:

  • The side downdraft model starts at around $9,500
  • The cross-flow 40' model starts at around $24,000
  • A heated, semi-downdraft booth starts at around $20,000

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