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Accudraft Spray Paint Booths: Products, Pricing, and Company Information

Since creating its first paint booth in 1977, the Accudraft focus has been creating quality, high-production machines that help shops produce the best finish on automobiles, aircraft, marine vessels, train cars, and more.

Today, Accudraft manufactures its paint booths in facilities in the United States and Italy. This international manufacturing capability allows the company to create the best products for a great price. The company's goal continues to be incredible designs using the best materials to create finishing systems with lifetime durability. For four decades, Accudraft's engineers have remained true to that vision.

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Accudraft Paint Booth Line

Accudraft offers a variety of paint booths appropriate for a number of industries, including automotive, heavy equipment, and aerospace. In addition, they manufacture prep stations, mixing rooms, and accessories.

Automotive Paint Booths

Accudraft has four main types of automotive paint booths: cross draft, semi-downdraft, side draft, and downdraft. Each type draws in air through a filtered intake system, sends the airflow over the automobile, and exhausts it through a different area in the booth: the rear (cross draft and semi-downdraft), sidewalls (side draft), or floor (downdraft).

Each airflow design has pros and cons. In the cross draft and semi-downdraft, the main disadvantage is the likelihood that the operator stands between the object being painted and the exhaust system, exposing him or her to the overspray.

The downdraft typically creates the highest quality finish, since the airflow significantly reduces airborne particle contamination. Its only real disadvantage is financial, as the downdraft booth requires some sort of pit or basement beneath the unit, which represents an extra expense.

The side draft paint booth shares the downdraft model's superior finish without the need of subflooring. With the exhaust system covering both sidewalls, the side draft style is the most expense to manufacture.

Large Truck and Industrial Equipment Paint Booths

Though essentially the same type of technology as other paint booths, units designed for automotive finishing are not up to the task of handling large trucks and other industrial equipment, due to the size of the object being painted. Accudraft offers a variety of units specifically designed for these machines, featuring excellent lighting for the operator, with airflow and spray applications that meet or exceed OSHA and NFPA regulations.

Aerospace Paint Booths

Accudraft offers aircraft paint booths and hangar inserts with humidity regulation, airflow, and temperature control specifically designed to create the ideal environment for aerospace finishing applications and curing.

Prep Stations

To limit contamination during sanding and prepping, Accudraft offers three different prep stations. In addition, special curtains enable operators to transform a prep station into a paint booth.

Mixing Rooms

Another vital component in the quest to reduce contaminants, Accudraft's mixing rooms remove toxic fumes produced during the mixing process, keep paint supplies fresh, contain spills, and increase productivity through improved efficiency when transitioning between jobs.


Accudraft offers a variety of accessories designed to increase productivity and profits, including the heated air makeup unit, ENERGYSMART system, SmartPad control panel, and Xcelerator Waterborne Paint Drying System.

How Much Does an Accudraft Spray Booth Cost?

Spray paint booth pricing varies widely depending on size, airflow design, accessories, vendor, and more.

  • A mid-size cross flow for automotive finishing starts at around $6,400
  • A mid-size semi-downdraft for automotive finishing starts at around $7,700
  • A mid-size semi-downdraft with heated air makeup unit starts at around $22,000
  • A heated side downdraft for automotive finishing starts at around $30,000
  • A heated downdraft for automotive finishing starts at around $40,000
  • A cross flow for industrial finishing starts at around $21,000
  • A semi-downdraft for industrial finishing starts at around $25,000
  • A heated downdraft for industrial finishing starts at around $35,000
  • A paint mixing booth starts at around $2,700
  • A heated air makeup unit starts at around $17,000

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