Last Updated: February 09, 2023

How Much Does Sparkletts Water Delivery Service Cost?

Sparkletts has provided water delivery services to offices and homes for over 90 years and is one of the most well-known water companies in the Southwest. They service most major metropolitan areas in Arizona, California, Nevada, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Texas, and Utah, and provide a variety of services, including bottled and filtered water, coffees, teas, and hot chocolate.

Office workers appreciate the convenience of having clean, delicious drinking water on-site. It's the healthiest drink around, and a properly hydrated workforce is more energetic, more productive, and more alert. Sparkletts offers numerous types and sizes of bottled water, as well as flexible delivery schedules.

What Services Does Sparkletts Offer?

Sparkletts offers four main services:

  • Bottled water delivery
  • Breakroom supplies
  • Coffee delivery
  • Water filtration

Bottled water is available in a variety of sizes and types, including single-serving, .5-liter, 1-gallon, 3-gallon, and 5-gallon bottles. You can also rent a water dispenser that works with the 3- and 5-gallon bottles, as well as the AquaCafé, which is a combination water dispenser and K-Cup pod compatible brewing system. Sparkletts' bottled water service also offers water additives, such as Crystal Light and Starbucks VIA ReadyBrew packages.

Sparkletts' breakroom supplies service is designed to keep your break area well-stocked with all of the essentials, including creamer and sweeteners, cups and lids, stirrers, straws, plates, napkins, and cutlery.

The coffee service includes both batch brew and individual packaged coffee, as well as a variety of blends. Brands include Green Mountain, Starbucks, and Folgers, or you can choose Sparkletts' very own Javarama. In addition, you get teas and hot chocolate, and you can lease or buy brewing systems (serviced by Sparkletts).

The Sparkletts water filtration systems connect directly to your building's existing water supply to provide fresh, delicious water straight from the tap. In addition to drinking water, you can use your filtered water for coffee, tea, cocoa, soup, and more. Filtration system options include activated carbon and reverse osmosis.

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How Much Does Sparkletts Water Delivery Cost?

Costs vary widely according to the type of water you order, your delivery schedule, the service you choose, and the length of your subscription. You can also choose a flexible plan that allows you to skip deliveries if your water needs are lower, or change your delivery amount entirely. If your office has minimal storage space, you'll likely benefit from more frequent deliveries, whereas offices with ample storage room may prefer larger deliveries more widely spaced. Costs may also vary according to your region. Your vendor is your best source for a reliable quote, but the following estimates should assist you in budgeting.

  • Expect to pay between $7 and $25 per bottle, depending on size and type
  • Purified water is available in 3- and 5-gallon bottles, starting at around $7 each
  • A 5-gallon bottle of fluoridated water costs around $7.49
  • A 5-gallon bottle of distilled water starts at around $7.49
  • Spring water is available in 5-gallon bottles for around $8
  • A 24-count case of individual water bottles ranges from around $9 to $24, depending on type and size
  • A 2.5-gallon bottle of Mountain Valley Brand Spring water costs around $20, with a 5-gallon bottle costing around $25

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