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How Much Does Nestle ReadyRefresh Water Delivery Service Cost?

Nestle is the parent company of ReadyRefresh, a water delivery service that includes both Arrowhead and Deer Park spring waters. Their water sources come from multiple natural springs found throughout North America. Each ReadyRefresh subsidiary focuses on a particular region so that, together, the service provides water delivery throughout the United States.

Office water delivery is an inexpensive, hassle-free perk you can offer your employees. They get the benefit of great-tasting, readily available water. You get happier employees with improved energy and cognitive function thanks to proper hydration. It's a win-win for everyone.

How the ReadyRefresh Water Delivery Service Works

ReadyRefresh offers a variety of water delivery services. In addition to standard 3- and 5-gallon bottles, you also choose from flavored and sparkling water, teas, and lemonades. The company also provides water dispensers, although, unlike many water delivery companies, it does not require you to rent or buy their equipment. If you do choose one of ReadyRefresh's dispensers, your subscription includes standard maintenance.

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When you sign on, you choose the type of water you prefer, the number of bottles you want each delivery, and your preferred delivery schedule. Companies with limited storage space often choose more frequent deliveries of fewer bottles. You may also choose any extras you want, such as cases of sparkling or flavored water, as well as whether you want a water dispenser. These come in a variety of models, including a multi-temperature unit that dispenses hot, cold, and room temperature water.

Delivery options include weekly, biweekly, monthly, and quarterly. During delivery, your vendor drops off new bottles, sanitizes your dispenser (assuming it's a ReadyRefresh model), and takes away your empties. You may make changes to your delivery schedule if necessary, by either increasing the amount delivered or temporarily suspending delivery, such as during holidays when most of your employees are gone. There is no charge for making these types of changes, assuming you provide at least 30 days notice before the regular delivery date.

Billing occurs either weekly or monthly. However, you may also choose a one-time delivery. This is option is meant to allow you to "test drive" the ReadyRefresh water delivery service to determine whether it fits your needs.

How Much Does ReadyRefresh Water Delivery Cost?

Costs vary according to the type of water you order, the number of bottles, and whether you choose any extras, such as flavored waters, lemonade, sparkling water, or teas. The average office chooses 5-gallon bottles and goes through around seven of them every month for every 10 employees.

  • A 5-gallon bottle of purified or spring water costs around $7. For an office of 10, expect to pay around $49 per month, and around $100 per month for an office of 20.
  • A 5-gallon bottle of distilled or fluoridated water costs around $8. For an office of 10, expect to pay around $56 per month, and around $112 per month for an office of 20.

ReadyRefresh also offers cases of individual-sized bottles of water. Pricing varies according to type of water and size, ranging between $9 and $24 for a case of 24 bottles.

Author: Angela Escobar

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