Last Updated: February 09, 2023

How Much Does Quench Water Delivery Service Cost?

Since the 1990s, Quench has offered water delivery services to businesses across the country. Instead of bulky water bottles, Quench provides water filtration systems that create fresh, clean water on demand for drinking, but also to make delicious coffee, teas, soups, and more.

Readily available drinking water keeps your employees hydrated, boosting their energy levels and increasing cognitive function. You increase productivity with less hassle and waste than found in traditional water delivery services. You can also put these systems in areas accessible by guests and customers.

A Different Kind of Water Cooler

Your Quench water system tailors its technology to your local water supply. Its filtration and sanitization techniques remove bacteria, chemicals, odors, and sediment that negatively affect your water's taste and appearance. You also get the convenience of a system that doesn't require changing out water bottles, managing deliveries, or guesstimating how much water your office goes through in a month. Nobody has to replace a 40-pound bottle or risk injury doing so. You also don't have to worry about the BPA content found in traditional water bottles.

Quench water filtration purifies water coming directly out of the tap. You can also install filtered water coolers and ice dispensers. Your monthly fee includes the filtration system, preventive maintenance, and regular service calls to sanitize the equipment and change filters. You may choose online billing through credit card or ACH for optimum convenience.

How Much Does Quench Water Service Cost?

Pricing varies widely, depending on the type of system and water cooler model you choose. You also pay more if you add an ice dispenser or specialty cooler. Your monthly rate starts at around $50 per month and increases depending on a variety of features.

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Water Cooler Models

Quench offers a wide variety of water cooler models, including:

  • Quench Model 750 Bottleless Water Cooler with UV: Includes multi-temperature dispenser, ultraviolet sanitization, and an antimicrobial treatment on all surfaces. This model is ideal for offices of up to 65 employees.
  • Quench Model 755 Countertop Water Cooler with UV: This model offers all of the features of the 750 but is designed for high-traffic areas.
  • Quench Model 730 Free-Standing Filtered Water Cooler: Includes multi-temperature water dispensing.
  • Quench Model 735 Countertop Filtered Water Dispenser: This is a compact, space-saving model that works for up to 65 people.
  • Quench Model 720 Low-Capacity Cooler for Smaller Offices: This is Quench's most economical model, ideal for smaller offices. It includes multi-temperature water dispensing and ultraviolet sanitization.
  • Quench Model 715 Sleek and Compact Low-Capacity Filtered Water Cooler: This model is ideal for smaller offices.
  • Quench Model 810 Super High Capacity Bottleless Water Cooler: This model serves up to 200 people, ideal for warehouses, break rooms, and cafeterias. It has a large tank and quick cooling recovery time.

Quench also offers ice dispensers so that your office never runs out of clean, great tasting ice to go along with all that delicious water. You may also choose one of their specialty coolers, ideal for high-traffic areas and designed to work specifically with reverse osmosis systems.

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