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How Much Does Diamond Springs Water Delivery Service Cost?

Family owned and operated, Diamond Springs has been in the water business for over 50 years. Today, they provide their water delivery service to offices in North Carolina, South Carolina, and central Virginia. Diamond Springs' water delivery options include bottled water, dispensers, water filtration systems, and common breakroom supplies.

If you are looking for a perk to offer your employees, great tasting water is a natural choice. It's healthy and delicious, and proper hydration helps improve energy and cognitive function. You get employees who are more alert and more productive and they get a well-appointed breakroom with safe, clean water for drinking and cooking.

How Much Does Diamond Springs Water Cost?

Diamond Springs offers a variety of water packages designed to fit any budget and office size.

The Cook & Cold Water Cooler is a polycarbonate cabinet that dispenses ice cold water for drinking as well as room temperature water perfect for brewing a pot of coffee, a cup of tea, or a bowl of soup. The monthly service rate is around $10 and the package includes three 5-gallon bottles of Natural Spring Water for around $22.

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The Hot & Cold Water Cooler Starter Package includes a stylish white cabinet-style cooler that dispenses chilled water for drinking and hot water for cooking and brewing your favorite beverage. The monthly service rate is around $12 and the package includes three 5-gallon bottles of Natural Spring Water for around $21.

The Cook & Cold Water Cooler Starter Package includes a white, polycarbonate cabinet-style cooler that dispenses both cold water for drinking and room temperature water for cooking. The monthly service costs around $9 and your starter package includes three 5-gallon bottles of Natural Spring Water for around $21.

You may also add extra 3- and 5-gallon water bottles, as well as cases of individual water bottles. These sell in cases of 24 with prices ranging between $9 and $24 per case, depending on the bottle size.

What Does Diamond Springs Water Service Include?

When you choose Diamond Springs water service, you get a dedicated Route Salesman. This person helps you choose a delivery schedule that works best for your office. For example, if you have limited storage space, you probably want more frequent deliveries. Most customers opt to receive delivery every two weeks, but you may set a schedule that suits your needs.

Your Route Salesman stocks products as per your request and takes away empty water bottles. Once you've arranged your service the way you like it, you only need to personally interact with your Route Salesman if you want to request a special product or have new instructions, though you're always welcome to say hello. The cost of delivery is included in your monthly fee, and you may change your products at any time.

Diamond Springs also offers snack services. For smaller offices, they provide cases of chips, crackers, granola bars, candy, instant soups, and sodas. For offices of 50 or more people, they offer vending machines for these products.

In addition, they provide a coffee delivery service and breakroom essentials, such as creamers, sweeteners, cups, and stirrers. You may also choose a water filtration system or coffee brewing equipment, including both batch and single-cup brewers.

Author: Angela Escobar

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