Last Updated: February 09, 2023

How Much Does Arrowhead Water Delivery Service Cost?

When you're looking for a low cost, minimal effort perk to offer your employees, you can't go wrong with Arrowhead's office water delivery service. The company offers a variety of services designed to keep your office supplied with fresh, delicious, clean drinking water. Keeping your employees well hydrated helps boost morale and improve employee performance. This is because proper hydration increases both energy and cognitive function, two vital components of employee productivity.

You can see the original source of Arrowhead's Mountain Spring Water in the company's logo – Southern California's San Bernardino Mountains. Arrowhead credits the taste of its water with this source, which includes a variety of natural minerals. They've been bottling water since 1894. Arrowhead is a member of Nestlé Waters North America Inc. and one of the ReadyRefresh brands. In addition to water, their water delivery service offers flavored waters, lemonade, and teas.

How Arrowhead Services Work

Arrowhead offers bottled water in 3-gallon, 5-gallon, and individual sizes. Bottles are recyclable as well as reusable. Typically, the company sanitizes and reuses its bottles as part of its eco-friendly initiatives. Your bill may include a standard bottle deposit, which is credited back to you upon return of the empty bottles.

Your Arrowhead water delivery subscription includes the type of water you choose, the number of bottles, any extras (such as flavored waters or teas), and your delivery schedule. You may also add your water dispensers if your office does not currently have one. Arrowhead offers a variety of dispensers, including multi-temperature models that provide hot and cold water.

Delivery options include weekly, biweekly, monthly, and quarterly. If your water needs change, you may change the frequency and/or amount of deliveries. Billing occurs either weekly or monthly, though the company also offers one-time orders. You can use this single order as a kind of test drive of the product, to determine whether Arrowhead's water delivery service meets your business's needs.

Once you choose your delivery schedule, you can make changes as needed. And, if you change your scheduled delivery at least 30 days before the regular delivery date, there is no additional charge. Approved changes include the actual content of your orders, but also the number of bottles or date for delivery. You can implement a one-time change – say, because most of the office will be on vacation – or a permanent change due to increased or decreased demand.

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How Much Does Arrowhead Water Delivery Cost?

Costs vary widely, depending on the type of water you choose and the number of bottles. In addition, if you choose extras, such as sparkling water, lemonade, teas, or flavored waters, costs increase. Most offices, however, choose 5-gallon bottles and a basic water dispenser. Expect to average around seven bottles per month for every 10 people in your office.

If you choose purified or spring water, expect to pay around $7 per 5-gallon bottle. For distilled and fluoridated water, the price rises to around $8 per 5-gallon bottle. For 10 employees at seven bottles per month, you're looking at $49 or $56. Add three to four bottles for every five employees.

Arrowhead also offers cases of personal serving bottles. The price varies according to the type of water and size of the bottle, ranging between $9 and $24 for a case of 24 bottles.

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