Last Updated: February 09, 2023

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One of the most recognizable names in the business, Steelcase has been building quality office furniture for 100 years. The company focuses on furniture, interior architecture, and technology and promotes economic, environmental, and social sustainability. Open space offices are only growing in popularity, and Steelcase has several workstation lines to accommodate this. Their workstations fit into three main types:

  • Benching: These workspaces have been created with teams in mind rather than just individuals. Benching setups involve a long table structure that has been partitioned to provide some amount of privacy for individual employees on the team.
  • Desking: This set up uses desks and storage space in order to differentiate between workspaces, as opposed to using panels.
  • Panel: More traditional, these workspaces use low, medium, and high panels in order to define personal work areas.

Steelcase Cubicle System Styles

Answer: This panel-based line is interconnective and offers a nice balance of privacy and the ability to easily collaborate, all while supporting mobility. It is available in bench styles that are more open, as well as private seating options.

Avenir: This line, designed to be tailored to your needs, has a multitude of storage and workspace options. Desks, panels, tables, bins, and shelves are all customizable options with this line.

c:scape: Looking to maximize a smaller space? This line works perfectly with both open floorplans and private offices, with both low and mid-storage areas to make the most of the space that you have.

Elective Elements 6: Another style perfectly suited to either open space floorplans or private offices, Elective Elements 6 is designed to meet and adapt to changes and offers several materials (such as fabric, glass, and wood) as well as storage options.

Kick: The Kick system "offers simplicity through form, function, and price." This line can be used in either open-plan set ups or panel-based setups and has options to make it a collaborative space (full-glass and low panels) or a more private space (with sliding doors and taller panels).

Montage Office: Perfect for both team work or a private setting, the Montage Office line is highly customizable and has a multitude of material options for the surface. The frames are stackable (and unstackable) and provide the option of varying wall heights that can be paired with frameless glass dividers and even doors.

Series 9000: This is one of Steelcase's most popular lines; it can be configured in a multitude of ways (team spaces, private space, and everything in between) and integrates with other lines that are offered by Steelcase.

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How Much Do Steelcase Cubicle Systems Cost?

There are many things that determine the final cost of cubicles, but the greatest is the cubicle's dimensions. Factors such as added accessories and features, quality, make and model, and the rates offered by different dealers will also play a role.

  • Starting at $1,600 per station, the Answer models offer fabric spine panels topped with framed clear glass, box-file pedestals, file-file pedestals, and single station units are as large as 96"x72".
  • The Avenir model incorporates a number of design styles with a starting price of $1,500 per station.
  • c:scape is a freestanding desking system with built-in office storage. A 6-station 72"x72" unit, with 48"H privacy created from sliding storage walls, modesty screens, desk height power access and mobile box/file pedestals, runs $7,710 or $1,285 per station.
  • Elective Elements 6 offers open space units that range from $1,250- $1,589 per station, depending on the configuration. Additional add-ons include, box file pedestals, flex-arm mounts, tall pedestal file cabinets, and frosted acrylic dividers screens; a 6-station unit with all these add-ons would run $9,534.
  • Kick units come in various configurations. A 4-station unit starts at $5,600, or $1,400 per station, for a basic 36"x60", single station with 54" tall panels, L-shaped workspace, and one mobile box file pedestal.
  • Montage Office units start $5,000 per station for a 4-station basic 60"x60" model. Each unit is 65" tall; include glass up works and mobile box file pedestal. Sizes vary from the 60"x60" to the largest model at 96"x96", which starts at $8,000 per station.
  • The Series 9000 is a versatile model that has units with modesty panel and sliding door cabinets at a cost of $1,543 per station. Other models can be configured with features like mobile box file pedestals, and open overhead cabinets at $1,550 per station. Used models start around $650.

Make sure you have at least a general idea of what you are looking for in your workspace before approaching a dealer. In addition to the style and type of cubicle you want, make sure to consider how much storage space you will need, the dimensions of the space you are trying to fill, how much you are willing to spend, and the privacy your employees will need. Don't forget that you can mix and match cubicle sizes; there is nothing preventing you from ordering a combination of sizes and (so long as they are compatible) styles.

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