Last Updated: February 09, 2023

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Since 1938, Knoll has worked with their clients to bring modern design into the ever evolving American workplace and create office spaces that meet aspirational, economic, and specific functional needs. Knoll office cubicles systems include options for open space floor plans and private offices; you'll even find some of their pieces on display at the Museum of Modern Art.

As a company, Knoll works together with customers and conducts independent field studies in order to properly understand the needs of today's workplace. In addition to this, they also actively seek advice from experts such as architects, business managers, designers, and psychologists. Knoll has built up a catalogue of office furniture and workspaces that allow you to work successfully and collaborate with others without losing all of your privacy.

As a leader in sustainable design, Knoll has sought certification from The Forest Stewardship Council, The Greenguards Environmental Institute,, and The U.S. Green Building Council.

Knoll Office Cubicle Styles

Knoll offers many product lines that are made with open office floor plans in mind, but they all fall into three general design styles:

  • Focused Planning: By using medium-height panels and providing storage, this design allows employees to concentrate and work hard without being entirely isolated from their supervisor or coworkers. It comes in three height options: 42" high enclosures for seated visual access, 48" to 50" high enclosures for seated privacy and concealing computer monitors, and 64" high enclosures to provide maximum privacy and some overhead storage.
  • Shared Planning: This design allows two to three employees to share desktop space and is great for people that continuously work together. The removable screens of the spine system and freestanding furniture make the set up easy to arrange and rearrange as needed. And with facing desktops and shared tables, collaboration is easier than ever!
  • Team Planning: This "big table" set up allows for four to eight employees in one workstation and makes it so employees do not have to leave their workspace in order to communicate with others. Each workspace provides L-shaped cabinets in the corners for personal storage and has bench seating similar to a conference table. There is also the option of glass dividers to create infrastructure and separate teams.

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Knoll Office Cubicle Models

There are a variety of workstations that Knoll offers. Make sure to look for one that best suits the needs of both your office and your employees.

  • Antenna Workspaces: One of Knoll's newest lines, and an award winning one at that, Antenna workspaces utilize desks, screens, storage, and tables to create an area that works well for both team projects and task-oriented work.
  • AutoStrada: This line provides a clearly divided space for individual work stations with a modern aesthetic. All power and data are contained in the spine, so reconfiguration is a breeze.
  • Dividends Horizon:¬†Perfect for both individuals and groups, this line allows employees to focus on their work without being too isolated from one another. Defined workspace for employees blends smoothly with the ability to reach out and speak to your colleagues.

Keep an eye out for special features when choosing your Knoll workstation, such as the Currents Service Wall, which gives you easy access to cabling, communications, and power. Another Knoll feature to look for is Fence, which is an alternative to traditional workstation panels that allow employees to retain privacy while letting natural light pass through.

How Much Do Knoll Office Cubicles Cost?

Many variables factor into the cost of call center cubicles, but the greatest determinant of cost is the cubicle's dimensions. Added features and accessories, make and model, size, and quality also play a role in determining the final cost. Rates may also vary from vendor to vendor.

Knoll's Antenna Workspaces models start at $13,427 for two-person workstation and can be as high as $32,291 for eight-person bench workstation. Basic single station units cost around $5,500 without add-ons.

The AutoStrada models are $28,586 for two-person workstations with add-ons. Single stations start at $8,000. They offer a 10-person bench workstation for $95,217. Used models can be as low as $1,495 for single-person workstation

Equity by Knoll, start at $8,870 for a basic one-person workstation and go up to $21,984 for a full optioned unit. Used basic single units run around $799.

The Morrison model starts at around $12,216 for a single-person workstation with cabinet add-ons and be as high as $78,212 for a six-person workstation with cabinets, shelving and electrical and data add-ons. Used single-person models start around $1,199.

Knoll's Dividends Horizon and Reff cubicles are their high-end models. The Reff cubicles range from $31,339 to $39,052 for two-person workstation. Single work stations start at $13,500 new. The Dividends Horizon is $21,443 for four-person workstation and $38,897 for eight-person workstation. Single stations average $5,000 depending on the options added.

Before approaching a vendor, you will need to know some of the basics that you are looking for in your workstation. Think about the dimensions of your space, the storage you will need, the privacy of your employees, and how much you are willing to spend. Also consider the size and style you want for your cubicles and determine how important those are to you. You can always mix and match sizes for your workstations, combining standard or personal cubicles, group workstations, and manager's cubicles to fill your floorplan.

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