Last Updated: February 09, 2023

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As one of the most recognized names in office furniture, HON has been developing furniture to help you work not just better, but more comfortably since 1944. Going above and beyond industry standards, HON office cubicle systems go through rigorous product testing. The company has real people test their products, because they understand that machines can't predict what humans will do.

In addition to cubicle systems, HON produces a variety of other items specifically for offices, including filing cabinets, desks, and chairs. Their product line makes it easy to design a workspace that fits any d├ęcor or style, from open floorplans to more structured configurations. Whatever the industry or specialty, you can find a HON cubicle system to fit your office's needs.

HON Office Cubicle Styles

No matter what style, set up, or flow you are looking for HON can help. HON offers a variety of styles of cubicle, each one designed to help your workspace and your workers reach their full potential. HON prides themselves on styles that are timeless; giving you quality products designed by people empowered to do their best for their customers that never go out of style.

Abode: The Abode line offers a multitude of customizable storage solutions and configurations, putting each user in control of their work environment. The versatility and customization of the Abode line helps you to feel at home and comfortable in your workspace. The Abode line is designed to work with the Abound and Accelerate lines as well.

Abound: Already a high performance workspace with great flexibility, the addition of an open base option has allowed the Abound line to become even more adaptable to your office. The open base provides continuous airflow and makes cleaning the panels easier. With an interchangeable frame and tile set up, every component of the Abound line integrates with each other seamlessly and gives you the ability to create almost any design you wish.

Accelerate: With a 120-degree application, Accelerate workstations combine contemporary aesthetics with extreme flexibility, providing a quality and efficient workspace. The non-linear design makes a wide variety of arrangements possible, keeps everything within easy reach, and even allows for small group configurations. Accelerate is designed to be adaptable to your needs as they arise, streamlining your work process.

Empower: The Empower line of workstations lets you get your workspace together quickly, while also allowing you to make changes to your workspace as needed. Empower offers you the ability to efficiently route power, provide personal space, and adapt if or when the environment changes. The installation and reconfiguration of the set up is quick and easy, making reorganizing your office a breeze.

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How Much Do HON Office Cubicle Systems Cost?

The greatest cost determinant of HON office cubicle systems are the dimensions. There are other pricing variables, such as added features and accessories, quality, and make and model. Prices may also vary by dealer.

  • Abound offers a wide variety of configurations. A 4-station, 72"x72" unit starts at $9,666, or $2,416 per station, including box file cabinets and open top shelving.
  • The Abode line is versatile and can include configurations with the Abound series units. A 72"x72", 66" tall. 4-station unit, including box file pedestal, fabric privacy screens, costs $4,896 or $1,224 per station.
  • The Accelerate model offers 3-station unit 120-degree desktops, 16"H laminate table mounted divider with accessory rail, 25"H freestanding box-file pedestal for $4,769 or $1,589 per station.
  • Empower- a 48"x48", 6-station unit that includes a 52"H powered fabric panels with frosted glass up mounts, mobile filing pedestal, and phone and date ports, at a price of $8,190 or $1,365 per station.

Before you get ready to approach a dealer, you need to determine the styles and sizes of cubicles you want. Make sure you also know the dimensions of the space you are trying to fill, how much storage you will need, the amount of privacy necessary for your employees, and (of course) how much you are willing to spend. You can always have more than one size of cubicle; maybe you need 30 standard cubicles, a call center workstation, and a handful of manager's cubicles. As long as you know what you're looking for, a good dealer will be able to recommend the best set up for your office and your employees.

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