Last Updated: February 09, 2023

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In 1948, G.W. Haworth launched a woodworking business from his home. Six years later, a client asked him to build an office partition system. That single project inspired Haworth to center his business on the design and construction of quality, adaptable workspaces. Today, Haworth office cubicle systems are some of the most ergonomic, attractive models available.

In addition to cubicles, Haworth designs and builds a variety of workspace items, including tables, seating, storage, moveable walls, and flooring. The company is also committed to running a sustainable operation, implementing practices that minimize their environmental impact.

Haworth Cubicle Styles

Haworth offers a variety of both desk (benching and tables) and panel system designs.

Desk Systems

  • Compose: This environmentally friendly model is made with 70 percent recyclable materials and is GreenGuard certified for ultimate sustainability. The Compose line was designed to pair with the moveable walls of Haworth's Enclose line.
  • Patterns: One of Haworth's more sophisticated desk systems, this line offers a variety of material options. It also includes studio tables, bench seating, file enclosure, and work walls for architectural, design, and systems. The Patterns line was designed to pair with the open plan system of Compose, the moveable walls of Enclose, and the entire Planes collection.
  • RACE: This is a classic, highly flexible line. The ability to quickly reconfigure, change, and rearrange these systems makes them ideal for technology-oriented pursuits. Workspaces are ergonomic and features include overhead storage, pedestals, lighting, fabric or glass pads, and the ability to reposition components via cantilevers.
  • Reside: A minimalist, European design that is easily adaptable to the rapidly changing needs of the modern office, suitable for a variety of environments and work styles.

Panel Systems

  • Places: A hardy line designed to withstand reconfiguration and last for years, with versatility as regards creating private or open workspaces. Places offers a variety of panel options, beautiful wood trim, and efficient power and data routing that is easily accessible via the work surface. This line integrates well with all Haworth systems.
  • Premise/Moxie: Premise is a highly adaptable, affordable line. Its design maximizes performance and comfort and features powerful technology routing. Moxie allows you to create visually exciting environments thanks to the ability to include open floorplans as well as floor-to-ceiling private offices – and all points in between.
  • UniGroup/UniGroup Too: This durable, reliable line offers a simple, classic panel system that still incorporates modern technologies, all in an economic package. The UniGroup Too models incorporate the classic strengths of the original but in a more contemporary design.

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How Much Do Haworth Cubicles Cost?

Pricing varies according cubicle size, features, configuration, vendor, and model. Additional features include overhead storage bins, pedestals, and task lighting. Average pricing starts at around $1,500 per station and goes up to around $2,500.

  • Haworth Compose units, sized 72"x 96" and 96"x 96", include an overhead storage bin, two tack boards, one box file pedestal, and one file pedestal for extra storage. Prices start at around $1,500 per station.
  • Haworth Places offers single station, 72.5"×72" with 44" high panels, L-shaped cubicles. Unit consists of 24"×24" and 24"×30" work surfaces, with mobile box file pedestal and 30" shelf under the work surface for a price of around $1,550 per station.
  • With a price of around $2,000 to $2,400 per station, Haworth's Places units come as large as 96"x 96" and have glass inserts, drop down wing panels, upgraded panel fabric, power down spine, one two-drawer lateral file, two overhead storage bins, one box file, tack boards, and paper management tiles.
  • Haworth's Premise models offer afforadable cubicles, such as a 47" tall, 72"x72" single station unit. Each comes with one box file pedestal, one file pedestal, upgraded fabric and work surfaces, and power down the spine at the price of around $1,350 per station.
  • UniGroup and UniGroup Too offer a number of different sizes and configurations. A 72"X72" configuration with 67" tall panels comes with two overhead storage bins, two tack boards, one file pedestal, and one box file pedestal for a price of around $1,600 per station.

Make sure the quote you receive includes the full cost of delivery, configuration planning, and installation for accurate budgeting.

Things to Keep in Mind

To choose the right cubicles for your office, you need to know:

  • The amount of privacy your employees need
  • The amount of storage you need
  • The size of your workspace
  • Your budget
  • Your preferred style and design

This information helps your vendor help you determine the best configuration for your particular needs.

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