Last Updated: February 09, 2023

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Open office designs are great for creating a collaborative environment, but they don't much of a sense of privacy. However, you can take advantage of the benefits of an open office while still giving employees the feeling of privacy with a glass office cubicle system.

When it comes to cubicles, you have a lot of options on how to best utilize your space, and no configuration is best for every office. Ideally, your vendor is able to advise you regarding the various setups and arrangements available, as well as which ones work best for your particular industry. For example, creative endeavors often require a combination of open space for collaboration and brainstorming as well as quiet areas where employees can focus without distractions. There is no single right or wrong way to design your workspace.

What Are Windowed Cubicles?

Windowed cubicles utilize framed, glass tiles that fit into a cube wall in the same way standard fabric panels do. You can use these within a full-height cubicle to add windows that create a more open feeling, both within the cube itself and the office in general. They also allow more light to enter the employee's workspace, including the all-important natural light, a proven boost to productivity. This is particularly valuable during winter months, when many employees both arrive and leave while it's dark outside.

You also create a more open, connected space with windowed cubicles. Employees can easily see whether their coworkers are too busy to for interruptions, yet still feel connected due to greater visibility.

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What Is Upmount Glass?

Unlike windowed cubes that rest within a frame, upmount glass sits on top of a frame, with the panes typically held in place by rails or clips. These glass panels come in a wide variety of styles, colors, textures, and transparencies, allowing you to match them to any office d├ęcor. Style options include:

  • Clear
  • Etched designs
  • Frosted
  • Ribbed
  • Tempered

When looking for an aesthetically pleasing, more modern cube design, upmount glass makes a great choice.

Upmount glass also offers a degree of privacy in offices with shorter cube walls but without sacrificing the collaborative benefits of an open workspace.

Incorporating upmount glass also helps create discrete areas within an open floorplan. And, these glass panels help instill a sense of privacy, particularly when multiple cubicles share walls or even a continuous desk or table surface. Upmount glass allows you to minimize distractions while still creating a collaborative environment.

How Much Do Glass Cubicles Cost?

Glass cubicle pricing varies widely, from around $500 per cube to around $2,000, depending on size, features, manufacturer, vendor, and more. Optional features include storage, task lighting, and cabinets. You generally see a lower per-cubicle price when you buy more units. For example, Skutchi's 52" model costs $750 for a single unit but $7,000 for a 10-seat unit, saving you $50 per cubicle.

  •'s Optima models have the option of glass modesty panels and glass upmounts. The series starts off with the I-Bench Typical #1 Style 6-station unit with 39" H-powered fabric panels topped with frosted glass screens, at around $3,145, or $524 per station. The Optima also has an L-Bench Type #2 with the 39" H-powered fabric spine panels topped with framed clear glass, box-file pedestals, and file-file pedestals at around $7,675, or $1,919 per station. The Y-Bench Type #2 Style 6-station unit costs around $4,785, or $777 per station, and features 39" H-powered fabric panels topped with framed clear glass down the center and a cushioned mobile filing pedestal.
  • Skutchi Designs' Emerald Collection offers 42", 52", and 65" tall cubicles with glass upmounts. The simple single seat 42" model ranges from $550 to $600. A set that seats eight with a supervisor's desk at the end, cabinets, electrical, and data, can run $6,800. The 52" high models starts at around $750 for a single seat and goes up to $7,000 for a basic model that seat 10. The 65" tall models are more expensive at around $850 for a basic single seat cubicle and $6,000 for the largest model, which seats six.

Questions to Answer before Buying Glass Cubicles

Your vendor is better able to assist you when you have a good idea of what you want and what's important to you. Questions you should answer before contacting a dealer include:

  • How important are cubicle style and design for my business?
  • How large is my floor space?
  • How much privacy do I want my employees to have?
  • How much storage space do we need?
  • What is my budget?

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