Last Updated: February 09, 2023

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Call centers require making the most effective use of limited space while controlling sound for employees engaged in near-constant phone and online interactions with clients. At the same time, they need to create space for collaboration and allow staff easy access to managers and supervisors. Call center cubicles are designed specifically for this environment.

Cubicle design options are numerous, with a variety of sizes and panel heights available. Manufacturers also offer extra features (for an extra cost, of course), as well as ergonomic designs. The ideal cubicle is the one that best fits your call center's unique needs.

Why Use Call Center Cubicles

The main function of cubicles in any business is to maximize office space in a way that still offers employees a certain amount of privacy and quiet in which to perform their duties.

Also known as telemarketing cubicles, call center cubicles allow employees to interact with your customers in a controlled environment. Panels help dampen sound so that customers don't hear the noise of dozens (or hundreds) of other calls occurring simultaneously. They also create a visual barrier between sensitive information on a computer screen and any nearby staff not directly involved in the transaction.

Employees also benefit from having a discrete work area, even one without a ceiling or door. And, the cubicles are easy to install and maintain, as well as being highly cost-effective.

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Choosing the Right Cubicle

In terms of height, depth, and width, call center cubicles are smaller than those typically used in other types of offices. The result is a much smaller footprint and the ability to fit more cubicles – and therefore more employees – in a workspace. The most common cubicle sizes in a call center are 2'x5', 4'x4', and 5'x5'.

Wall height is often the most important choice you need to make. In offices where the majority of work is phone-based, higher walls are popular as they create a more effective sound barrier between agents. Panel heights vary but typically fall in the 47" to 67" range.

Most vendors offer cubicles in even-numbered sets, typically between two and eight per set. You usually pay less per cubicle when you purchase larger sets. You also get to choose the configuration, or layout, for your cubicles. Straight row configurations are the most common, because they're the most economical choice due to each cubicle sharing a wall with the unit next to it. Other options include zigzag and U-shape, but these are less economical both in the fact that they require purchasing more furniture (i.e. cube walls) and in terms of how they use available floor space.

In addition to agent cubicles, most vendors offer larger options (sometimes called office cubicles) for supervisors and managers. These typically lie at the end of a row of cubicles and include walls that extend nearly to the ceiling. Most supervisor cubicles also include a door.

How Much Do Call Center Cubicles Cost?

The greatest cost variant is due to the cubicle's dimensions. However, additional features also affect price, including cabinets, lighting, and shelving. Of course, manufacturer, vendor, and quality also play a role, as do ergonomic features such as sliding keyboard trays.

  • offers their EcoCube models of call center cubicles. The basic model is the C001, a single, 36" wide by 24" deep cubicle with 39" high walls, with prices starting at around $300. As the models get larger, up to 67", and additional accessories are added, such as cabinets, shelves, and electrical, the price increases. A 67" model with floor electrical, a cabinet, and overhead bin typically costs around $1,300.
  • Skutchi Designs' Emerald Collection offers 42", 52", and 65" tall cubicles. The simple single seat 42" model ranges from $450 to $500. A set that seats eight with a supervisor's desk at the end, cabinets, electrical, and data, averages around $6,800. The 52" high models start off at around $700 for a single seat and goes up to around $6,700 for a basic model that seats 10. The 65" tall models are more expensive at around $800 for a basic single seat cubicle and up to $5,800 for the largest model, which seats six.
  • Global Industrial carries a 42" tall, 48"x48" pre-configured single seat model that ranges from $250 to $300, with larger 60"x48" models at $350 to $400. Their larger double call center stations, which measure 48"x96", are between $1,450 and $1,650 with their Compatico Quad call center stations ranging from $2,500 to $2,800.

When working with your vendor, ask about configuration options that make the most of available workspace while still creating an environment that maximizes employee productivity.

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