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Compare Cubicle vs Private Office Costs


Cubicles make the most out of your office space. They also foster communication and collaboration among your employees. Cubicles are a great option for buildings with a lot of open floor space or companies with a large number of employees.

There are two basic types of cubicles: panel-mounted and free standing. Panel-mounted cubicles are one-piece units with desks and filing cabinets mounted to the cubicle walls, while freestanding cubicles are separate panels that are placed around existing desks and other office furnishings.

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How Much Do Cubicles Cost?

Cubicles vary widely in price depending on the materials used. They begin at about $500 and range upwards of $10,000 each. However, most standard cubicles fall in the $1,000 to $3,000 range. Often, cubicles are sold in sets of four or more with volume discounts offered for large orders.

Cubicle Pros

  • Less expensive - Buying cubicles is far less expensive than having private offices built.
  • Promotes collaboration - The open layout created by cubicles encourages communication and collaboration among employees. Employees are more likely to consult one another and discuss ideas.
  • Better oversight - With cubicles, managers are better able to keep track of employee activities and make sure the team is productive.

Cubicle Cons

  • Noise and distractions - Cubicles don’t create much of a sound barrier. Employees will be able to hear conversations going on in cubicles close to them. For some employees, that noise is distracting.
  • Lack of privacy - Some employees may feel like they don’t have enough privacy without a private office and a door that closes.
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Private Offices

Like cubicles, private offices are common in office environments. However, very few companies have private offices for all of their employees - that would be extremely expensive. Most companies have a mix of private offices for senior employees and cubicles for less experienced workers.

How Much Do Private Offices Cost?

It is nearly impossible to estimate the cost of building private offices because it depends on a number of factors. Are you having a new building constructed or adding private offices to an existing building? How large are the offices and how many do you need? Where is your company located? The best way to get an accurate idea of pricing is to seek quotes from several contractors in your area.

Private Office Pros

  • Quieter - With private offices, employees can close the door to drown out distracting noises. Some employees are more productive in this type of quiet environment.
  • More privacy - Some employees are more comfortable conducting business and having telephone conversations in a private environment. Closed offices also allow serious discussions between managers and employees to be conducted behind closed doors, reducing embarrassment or discomfort.

Private Office Cons

  • Less communication - When there are closed doors between employees, the environment is not as collaborative. Employees are less likely to to share ideas and ask one another for advice.
  • More expensive - Building private offices is far more expensive than buying cubicles.

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