Last Updated: February 09, 2023

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Sharp Copiers

Modern office copiers do far more than just make copies. The machines are known as multi-function printers, or MFPs. They combine the functions of copiers, scanners and printers to maximize office efficiency.

Sharp sells a wide variety of MFPs with varying features and speeds, from models capable of printing 20 pages per minute to those capable of printing more than 70 pages per minute. Sharp’s MFPs also have ultra-modern features such as touch screen displays, full-sized retractable keyboards and direct USB printing.

How Much Do Sharp Copiers Cost?

Sharp MFPs start at about $1,000 for compact desktop models that can handle 20 pages per minute and range upwards of $20,000 for robust, fully networked models that function as document management systems. Most mid-volume copiers cost about $5,000 to $10,000.

Sharp Pros

  • Less expensive - Sharp MFPs are usually less expensive than similar Canon models.
  • More paper options - Sharp machines tend to be compatible with a greater variety of paper types, including glossy paper, bond paper and labels.

Sharp Cons

  • Functionality - Many people believe that Sharp’s network, scanning, email and software functions are inferior to Canon. However, both are reputable brands, and opinions vary from one business to the next.
  • Reliability - Customer sentiment suggests that Sharp copiers are a little less reliable that Canon. They require service and repairs more often.

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Canon Copiers

Canon also has an extensive line of multi-function printers/copiers to simplify your workflow and increase productivity. Machines are available in color or black and white with printing capabilities of 20 to 75 pages per minute.

Canon has developed a reputation for making high-quality copiers. Like Sharp, Canon models have ultra-modern features such as LCD displays, dual processors and networking capabilities. Most models are capable of simultaneous copying, printing, scanning, sending and faxing.

Sharp vs Canon Copier

How Much Do Canon Copiers Cost?

Canon office MFPs also start at about $1,000 and can easily range upwards of $20,000. Again, most of the mid-volume models fall in the $5,000 to $10,000 range.

Canon Pros

  • Better functionality - Many people believe that Canon’s network, scanning, email functions and software are superior to Sharp’s.
  • Better quality for high volume - Canon copiers are known for producing better quality copies, images and printouts at printing faster speeds.

Canon Cons

  • More expensive - Canon MFPs tend to be more expensive than similar Sharp models.

Choosing an MFP

Brand name is only one of many decisions you’ll have to make when shopping for an MFP. Here are some other important things to consider:

  • Inkjet or laser - Inkjet printers are better for printing photos and graphics, but the quality of the text is inferior to laser printers when you’re using regular office paper. Laser printers are faster, so they’re popular with businesses that print in great volume.
  • Print speed - Print speed is measured by pages per minute (ppm). If you print often, you might want invest in a printer that can produce at least 30 to 50 ppm.
  • Paper capacity - If you print often, you’ll also want to buy a MFP with a large paper capacity. Most basic models have capacities ranging from 100 to 250 pieces of paper.
  • Connectivity - Do you need network connectivity so the printer can be shared among all of the computers in one department? Do you need wireless connectivity? Would you like employees to be able to print directly from smartphones and tablets?

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