Last Updated: February 09, 2023

How Much Does an Office Coffee Delivery Service Cost?

In organizations across the country, coffee seems to fuel operations more than anything else. Employees drink it to jolt themselves awake, as a pick me up when energy flags mid-morning and mid-afternoon, and to connect with coworkers. You can earn serious brownie points with your employees by providing their favorite fuel via a coffee delivery service. Costs are low, hassles are minimal, and benefits are significant, starting with increased productivity thanks to fewer people heading offsite in search of the closest coffee shop.

Why Use a Coffee Delivery Service?

The main benefit to ordering coffee delivery is that it makes your employees happy. Your people notice – and appreciate – the little things you do to make their work hours more pleasant. A coffee service even benefits the non-coffee drinkers, (yes, they exist) by including teas and hot chocolate options.

Providing coffee for your employees also gives you greater control. Let's face it; they're going to get their go-juice somewhere. It could be bringing in coffee makers, or it could be heading out to the nearest Starbucks. One leads to possible electrical issues, the other leads to lost productivity.

If you already provide coffee, you know the main benefits for your employees. Doing so via a delivery service benefits you. No more running out of supplies. No more shopping, or mystery surrounding the cost. Everything is automated, including cleaning and servicing the equipment. All you have to do is choose your package, place your order, and pay the bill.

How Much Does a Coffee Service Cost?

Costs vary according to the number of employees you have and the package you choose, but expect to pay between $60 and $120 per employee, per year. Premium blends come with a higher cost, as do single-cup brewing pods.

  • A case of 24 pre-ground bags starts at around $20
  • A case of 48 pre-ground bags starts at around $40
  • A case of 42 single-cup brewing pods starts at around $32
  • A case of 24 assorted teas averages around $5
  • A case of 100 regular or decaffeinated tea averages around $5
  • A box of instant hot chocolate packets starts at around $10
  • A case of instant soup ranges between $10 and $50, depending on number and brand
  • Most services include the cost of shipping and delivery in their charges

Many coffee delivery services rent or lease the equipment for free, providing you commit to a minimum monthly order. Without such an agreement, expect to pay around $45 per month to rent the brewing equipment.

Some services include items such cups, lids, stirrers, creamers, and sugars, but not all. The service may also include a specified quantity and allow you to order extra. You may pay an extra $5 to $20 per month for these items, depending on quantities.

Factors that Effect Coffee Service Price

A variety of factors effect price, including:

  • How much you order: Specifically, this refers to the reduced prices offered when you buy in bulk.
  • The type of coffee: Are you ordering premium or gourmet brews? If so, expect to pay more (just like when you shop at the grocery store).
  • Including other items: Coffee services provide more than coffee. If you include tea, hot chocolate, and soup, your costs will be higher.
  • Single cup or pot: Single-cup brew services cost significantly more.

Coffee Delivery Service Contracts

Some coffee delivery vendors require contracts, but most require monthly minimum orders (though you do find vendors that require neither).

Contracts are typically annual and renew automatically if you don't cancel the service. If you cancel before the contract ends, you likely face early cancellation penalties. Monthly minimums are either monetary- or product-based. In other words, the vendor may require you order a given dollar amount or a certain number of cases. Failure to meet your monthly minimum usually results in a fee, though some vendors choose to cancel your service.

Vendors who require neither contracts nor monthly minimums often require a minimum number of employees. This helps ensure their profitability.

Comparing Coffee Service Providers

When comparing coffee service providers, look carefully at what their prices include. Some charge a separate fee to rent their equipment, others may not include delivery charges, and others charge you to install and service the equipment. At the same time, some companies offer these services for free if you meet certain order requirements. Obtain proposals from multiple vendors and look carefully at what their pricing includes to ensure you get the best deal.

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