Last Updated: February 09, 2023

How Much Does Aramark Coffee Delivery Service Cost?

Employers who offer their employees small perks tend to enjoy big dividends. One of the easiest perks to provide, and with a relatively low cost, is an Aramark coffee delivery service. You get happier employees and increased productivity; that's a serious win-win.

A well-stocked break room that includes the average employee's favorite beverage goes a long way toward creating a happy working environment, and Aramark has been stocking break rooms for years. Besides coffee, the company offers water filtration and a variety of break room essentials. Of course, many organizations provide coffee for their employees without using a coffee delivery service. In that case, you need to decide how much the convenience of delivery is worth to you.

Why Choose Aramark Coffee Service?

Aramark Refreshment Services provides a wide range of break room supplies. In addition to coffee, they offer water filtration, beverages, snacks, micro markets, vending, and common supplies. The level of service you choose depends on your budget and the type of environment you want to create for your employees. When it comes to not only attracting but retaining the best people, those little perks make a big difference.

During Aramark's decades in business, they developed practices and procedures that help streamline costs while still providing excellent customer support. You choose only the products you want and then leave the rest to Aramark. Benefits include numerous tracking options, including inventory, budget, and expenses. And, of course, you get the savings of buying your break room supplies in bulk, as well as the convenience of ordering online instead of making repeated runs to the big box store.

How Much Does Aramark Coffee Delivery Cost?

Aramark pricing varies widely, since it depends on how many employees you have, not to mention what you order. The only way to get an accurate price is to talk to an actual vendor. However, there are some general estimates, as well as information regarding monthly minimums.

  • The average yearly cost for coffee delivery ranges between $50 and $200 per employee
  • The monthly minimum averages around $40
  • A case of ground coffee averages around $35
  • A case of premium ground coffee averages around $100
  • A case of 42 individual serving pods averages around $60
  • A case of 42 premium individual serving pods averages around $125
  • A box of hot chocolate averages around $15
  • A box of teabags averages between $10 and $20

More than Just Coffee with Aramark Services

The cost of Aramark's services depends on which services you choose. They're most famous for their coffee (they claim to supply more than a billion cups of coffee every year), but they also provide a variety of other services.

Coffee and Tea

You get to choose from a number of coffee brands, including Seattle's Best, Green Mountain, and Starbucks. In addition, Aramark supplies the equipment you need to brew your coffee, including single-serve and espresso machines.

Of course, not everyone drinks coffee. That's why Aramark also provides tea and hot chocolate. In addition to coffee, tea, and cocoa, you can add creamer, sweetener, cups, napkins, and more to your order.

Filtered Water and Ice

If you'd like to provide your employees clean, delicious drinking water without the waste of bottles, you can install the Aramark AquamarkLX water filtration system. This unit filters out chemicals, microorganisms, and sediment for tasty water straight from the tap. Aramark also services and cleans the unit, including changing the filters multiple times per year.

Micro Markets

Micro markets take vending machines to the next level. Your employees enjoy fresh, healthy food options, including salads and gourmet sandwiches, as well as drinks and snacks. Options are numerous and include yogurt, fresh fruit and vegetables, frozen meals such as Lean Cuisine, chips and nuts, and much more. The marketplace includes a kiosk with multiple payment options. Employees enjoy a café type experience and quality food with the convenience of a vending machine. Your Aramark representative works with you to design your ideal marketplace, including payment methods and food and drink options.

Snacks and Vending

Aramark also offers snacks and vending machines, which you can stock with traditional favorites, such as chips and candy bars, or with local favorites and organic fruits and vegetables. You can also provide beverages, including juices and teas, and even freshly made sandwiches. An Aramark representative stocks vending machines according to the schedule you choose, and services them as needed. They also track inventory to ensure popular items never go out of stock.

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