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How Much Does an Appointment Setting Service Cost?

Chances are, your sales team is spending too much valuable time making cold calls. Imagine if that work was done for them, freeing up time for top salespeople to focus on what they do best: face-to-face selling and closing deals.

Appointment setting services tackle the grunt work of cold calling, lead generation and appointment setting, allowing your sales team to focus on higher-level tasks. Some of the largest and most successful companies have gone this way, realizing they can greatly increase revenue by positioning the sales team to be more effective.

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About Appointment Setting Services

It’s no secret that most salespeople despise the process of cold calling. We all have to do things we don’t like, of course, but employees tend not to perform as well when doing their least favorite tasks. Professional appointment setting services hire staff who enjoy and excel at talking on the phone.

Outsourcing cold calling, lead generation and appointment setting to a third-party service gives your sales team the opportunity to spend more time with qualified prospects and less time chasing leads that are unlikely to pan out.

Cost of Appointment Setting Services

Some appointment setting services charge by the hour; others by the appointment or the month. In some cases, services offer a flat fee for a set number of calls.

  • Hourly rates typically range from $25-$75.
  • Monthly fees vary based on the number of calls being made, the number of hours worked and the complexity of the script. Expect to spend $300-$500 per month for 100 calls.
  • Flat fees also vary based on the number of calls, hours worked and the complexity of the script. The length of the job significantly impacts price too.
  • Per-appointment fees can range from $15 to nearly $100, depending on difficulty.

In addition to the rate, there are several other fees and charges appointment setting services can assess.

  • Setup fees of $300-$500 are fairly common. This money covers developing your script and campaign strategy.
  • Using the service’s list of leads costs anywhere from $100-$1,000. To avoid this fee, you can opt to use your own list.

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Author: Ashley Smith


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