Last Updated: April 27, 2023

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Most people are familiar with call centers for fielding customer calls, processing payments, and answering questions. A little less well-known is the benefit of using a call center to take and process customer orders.

How Does an Order Taking/Processing Service Work?

When your customer calls, a customer service agent answers questions regarding purchase, providing additional information as required (provided by you), and placing the order for the customer if he or she chooses to purchase.

Companies that use IVR systems for order capture want to consider hiring a call center to handle callers who request transfer to an operator. These agents answer questions about products. They also track orders, address shipping problems, and resolve payment issues.

If your business also performs installations, makes service calls, or performs warranty work, having a single agent capable of handling each leg of the transaction leads to happier customers and possibly increased revenues for you.

Cross Selling and Up Selling

"Do you want fries with that?" is probably the most well-known up sell phrase, but it's a perfect example of what you want an order taker to do. Buying a pair of sneakers? Maybe you'd like this package of socks as well. Looking for a new purse? It might be time to replace that wallet, too.

Having a live agent handle your customers' calls gives you the opportunity to dramatically increase your up sell and cross sell numbers. This can mean accessories or even a more expensive model of the same product type. The best part is that the script you provide tells the agent exactly what to say and the type of up sell and cross sell opportunities you want to chase.

What Are the Benefits of Outsourcing?

An order taking/processing call center specializes in providing this service. Their agents have the right kind of training, along with detailed processes and procedures. This helps ensure you receive error-free orders, with every detail complete. These facilities also have up-to-date technology and provide communication skills training to their agents.

You also free up your and your staff's time to focus on those duties that you can't outsource. This includes actually creating the product or providing the service you sell, focusing on product development or lead generation, performing installs and repairs, and anything else you do that can't be outsourced.

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Happy Customers are Loyal Customers

The customer experience is also typically better. You can instruct call center agents to follow up with customers, address any issues that occurred during the order or delivery process, and even see how the customer likes their new product or service.

Offering your customers 24/7 support means that you never miss a call. After all, a missed call is a missed opportunity to make the sale or solve the problem. Competition is fierce. Every step you take to make your customers happy is a step toward growing your business.

Finally, the less time your customers spend on the phone awaiting assistance, the better. When your customer calls, that is an indication he or she is ready to order. A call center keeps hold time at a minimum, with a focus on efficiency.

What Should You Look for in a Call Center?

Before signing any contracts, take the time to research the company. Find out other companies they represent and call that company, posing as a potential customer. This lets you see how well the agents handle your questions, understand the product they're selling, and work through your transaction.

Next, try to find out how the company treats its employees. Happy employees do a better job. Look for information such as salary, bonus structure, and incentives for attaining goals. If a call center has high turnover, their agents are less likely to have the skills and expertise you want.

Finally, look at what the call center offers its customer – you. Does it charge a monthly minimum? By the minute? Do you get a dedicated agent (or more than one)? Someone who handles only your customers and therefore builds a solid understanding of your company's products and/or services? The best option is whatever works best for your business.

Making Your Choice

You run a business so you already know this, but obtain multiple proposals before hiring a call center. Just because you receive a great quote from the first company you call doesn't mean you should sign on the dotted line. You need to know what exactly that quote entails. Do you get data reports? What's the setup fee? How do they charge? A quote that seems dramatically lower than the competition may indicate lack of quality or hidden costs, so compare bids carefully.

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