Last Updated: February 09, 2023

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Americans began acclimating to interactive kiosks when the rise of the ATM made banking seven days a week, 24 hours a day a possibility. Ironically, as kiosks seem to be popping up everywhere, ATMs today don't get the same kind of action that they used to. The average person seems to rarely carry cash. This phenomenon may explain why churches have recently begun placing offering kiosks in common areas of their campuses.

Similar to an ATM, the kiosk allows your worshippers to make donations with a credit or debit card.

Ease of Use

Interactive kiosks are simple to use, providing easy-to-understand instructions and touch screen operation. Your members can access the kiosk at any time, meaning donations are not limited to meeting times.

The donor simply swipes a credit or debit card, and then follows the instructions on the screen. In the space of a minute, the tithing is complete.

Receive Donations Anytime

You can place an interactive kiosk in the lobby or any other common area. You can also create other online donation portals, such as through the church's Facebook page or website. It provides congregants the privacy, and flexibility, to give what they can, when they can.

When designing your donation application, you can even include options such as recurring tithes, which allows church members to set up a monthly donation withdrawn directly from their preferred payment method. A side benefit for the church is greater consistency in donations, offering you a better idea of what to expect each month, helping you develop more accurate operating budgets.

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Use Kiosks for More than Donations

Though useful for donations, you can apply an interactive kiosk to other functions, as well. For example, use it to help register new members of your congregation. You can also provide information through your kiosk, detailing community events, class offerings, and other items of interest for your church. In addition, you can make it possible for members to register for events.

Kiosks also allow you to gather data on your members when they log in, so you see what types of events they attend, items they purchase, even information on their donations. Finally, you can use kiosks to generate new revenues through the sales of books, DVDs, and other promotional items.

Incentive to Give

In addition to simply not carrying cash with them, the anonymity of the kiosk makes many people more comfortable with giving. What's more, many of them prefer the security of this type of giving. In fact, many churches find that around a quarter of kiosk donations came from first-time givers.

Churches that also offer members the option to making online donations, as well as recurring offerings, find that they create a giving trend through providing parishioners the ease and comfort of having donation amounts deducted directly from an account.

The Bottom Line

Church giving kiosks offer members greater flexibility by opening up another avenue for tithing. In addition, they offer a variety of other benefits, such as registering new members and creating a simple way for people to register for various events. With a few clicks, your donors set up recurring payments in privacy and security.

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