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How Much Does it Cost to Offer Vision/Eye Insurance to my Employees?

Thankfully, the vision component of your health insurance benefits is often one of the least expensive. Vision insurance is the part of your wellness plan that covers eye exams, routine preventative eye care and subsequent contact lenses or glasses. Certain vision plans may include a significant discount on elective vision surgery including PRK or LASIK.

Familiarize Yourself With Plan Details

Prior to assuming your eye exam is covered; read the fine print or contact your benefits provider to double check. Many plans only pay a portion of your eye exam. While numerous places offer free eye exams for children until the age of 19, you may have an unwelcome bill if you are assuming coverage without verifying first.

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Eye Injuries and Eye Conditions

Sometimes, you need a prescription for eye drops to deal with an eye disease or infection. Eye issues are often uncommon; however, if you work in a dusty or dirty environment and are welding or near metal shards on a daily basis at work, be sure to have some skookum PPE or personal protective equipment on hand. Protecting your eyes from splinters, sparks and metal shavings is vital. If you get injured at work without wearing your PPE, your coverage and your claim could potentially be denied. Safety first!

Annual Benefits or Once Every 2 Years?

Each plan is different. Expect to pay between $40 to $50 per employee to add a vision package. Many health insurance companies incorporate a vision package with the dental package. Be sure to review each aspect carefully to see how the coverage breaks down. For example, many vision plans are based on a 2 year term as opposed to an annual basis. This means, you and your crew may only be eligible for an eye exam or new pair of glasses every 2 years as opposed to every year.


Vision insurance may be available for a set fixed amount per year. In many cases, employees have to pay out of pocket initially and then submit their receipts through the benefits program in order to be reimbursed. Educating your staff on the specifics of the plan you decide to go with will be much appreciated by all. Communicating upon hiring will save your employee and their family from blindly booking appointments. In addition, your HR or benefits team will be relieved not to be dealing with irate staff who thought they were entitled to full coverage or free exams if that is not the case.

Common Services Covered By Vision Insurance:

  • Regular eye exams
  • Contact lenses
  • Eyeglass frames and lenses
  • Some lens enhancements or coatings such as anti-scratch or UV coatings may or may not be included
  • Possible discounts for corrective surgery with PRK or LASIK services

Your employees need healthy eyes to be able to work thoroughly and happily at their job. Many eye issues offer zero symptoms and are only detected with a thorough eye exam. Be sure to shop around and offer your staff the very best health insurance and vision package that you can afford. Employees are much more likely to stay long term if they feel that they are well taken care of.

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Author: Ashley Smith


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