Last Updated: April 27, 2023

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Facility maintenance requires routine floor care to keep the business looking great, as well as promoting the safety of staff and customers. If you regularly clean hard flooring, such as linoleum, stone, wood, or cement, you need a floor sweeper/scrubber combo machine.

When it comes to acquiring cleaning equipment, your options are buying, renting, or leasing. Each has its pros and cons, and only you can decide which is the best choice for your business. Understanding the benefits of each, as well as your needs, helps guide you to making the right choice.

What Are the Benefits of Buying a Floor Sweeper/Scrubber Combo Machine?

For anyone who owns a commercial cleaning company or runs a large facility that performs in-house maintenance, a floor sweeper/scrubber combo machine is a must-have, not a luxury. What's more, if you use this machine regularly, buying is your most cost-effective option, even though it comes with a much greater upfront cost than either renting or leasing.

In the long run, buying is cheaper than both any other option, especially considering the fact that you can often buy a machine for the same price as around five or six rentals. If you operate your sweeper/scrubber regularly, you see these savings immediately.

Owning the equipment outright comes with a variety of financial benefits. First, ownership allows you to sell the unit when the time comes, allowing you to recoup some of the purchasing expense. You may also claim the expenses for both buying and maintaining the equipment on your taxes.

One of the reasons many people choose to lease equipment is the ability to upgrade as technology improves. This isn't an issue with cleaning equipment, which never goes obsolete. You never need to replace your floor sweeper/scrubber due to technological advancements.

You also have control over routine maintenance and repairs. For some, this is a top reason to lease. Others, however, prefer to not rely on a leasing company if something goes wrong. They want the ability to complete repairs and maintain their equipment without input from anyone else.

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What Are the Benefits of Renting a Floor Sweeper/Scrubber Combo Machine?

If you only use a sweeper/scrubber combo machine a few times each year, the financial burden of investing in one of these units is both prohibitive and unnecessary. Yes, the cost to rent is greater than the cost of ownership in the long run, but even a machine that sits idle most of the year requires routine maintenance and upkeep. Sitting idle may even cause mechanical problems, similar to owning a vehicle that your rarely drive.

You'd be better off spending that capital elsewhere, especially if yours is a startup business with plenty of expenses and the financial burden of equipping a new office. When it comes to prioritizing startup expenses, cleaning equipment typically falls behind setting up a topnotch phone and computer system.

Finally, one great reason to rent is to answer a couple of operational questions. One, is it better for your business to handle floor maintenance in-house or through a commercial cleaner? Two, how much machine do you actually need?

What Are the Benefits of Leasing a Floor Sweeper/Scrubber Combo Machine?

Leasing a floor sweeper/scrubber combo allows you to enjoy the best parts of buying as well as the best parts of renting. You get low upfront costs and no worries about maintenance or repairs, just as in renting, with the significant savings of ownership.

Most businesses choose to lease a sweeper/scrubber because it allows them to preserve their working capital, rather than tie it up in buying cleaning equipment. At the same time, their balance sheets look much better, since lease payments show up as a business expense rather than a financial liability. That healthy bottom line makes the business more attractive to investors. At the same time, lessees typically enjoy a tax break, since they can claim their lease expense on their taxes (but talk to your accountant first!).

The low upfront cost of leasing may also allow you to afford a pricier machine, with greater capabilities, better features, and more power, than you could when purchasing outright. You can also upgrade to a larger machine if your business needs change, you move to a larger facility, or just realize that you need a more powerful floor sweeper/scrubber combo machine.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to the question of whether to buy, rent, or lease. Consider your options carefully and take a close look at your business needs to determine which option best suits your needs.

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